braided in a sentence

Example sentences for braided

Some are knitting adorable scarves and making braided challah bread.
And the sweethearts that braided the sword-knots were fair.
As cables braided threefold may, together wreathed sure.
And her luxuriant hair over silver bodkin's is braided.
Imagination and observation were braided strands of these narratives.
Another example is the study of knots, or how things are tangled or braided together.
Braided leashes connected heavy sheepskin anklets on her legs to the hub of the wheel.
One braided silver candlestick threw white flame into the polished oaken furniture, and thence by rapid transit to the mirror.
Braided dried rivulets etch white patterns over the surface as well.
By spring, it had been conquered, braided on the right side into a stiff tail that hid one of her watchful eyes.
He tried out different bulbs in a chandelier that was threaded with multicolored braided cords.
It's got a soft, high quality, braided leather band.
Brown braided hair peeks out from behind a metal mask that was meant to ward off evil spirits in the afterlife.
And for durability, no cotton rope could compete against a hand-braided rawhide riata.
The slow progress, crippling cold, and stress have begun unraveling the indispensable braided rope of teamwork.
His pieces are expertly carpentered, woven and braided.
Braided patterns tend to form in streams that are carrying and depositing an excessive amount of sediment.

Famous quotes containing the word braided

I will therefore ... that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with bra... more
All the shad'wy tribes of Mind, In braided dance their murmurs joined,... more
The wide wonder of Broadway is disconsolate in the daytime; but gaudily glorious at night, with a milling crowd filling ... more
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