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Example sentences for bragging

The pleasure of bragging to-morrow among his friends that he has played better than another.
Achievements and leveling in games are inherently social, as they offer bragging rights and a way to compare progress to others.
The connection of the two colleges to their respective teams had already created a war of bragging rights.
He slipped up by bragging on a break, by the snack machine, and was promptly snitched upon by yours truly.
There are also other, less organized groups who spar their dogs for bragging rights and quick cash.
We're trained at an early age to wait our turn, defer to our superiors and avoid bragging.
More than bragging rights are at stake in the ambitious project announced today.
Although there's a lot of racing, bench racing and bragging going all, it's all in fun and for a good cause.
Conspicuous consumption and bragging to journalists about takeover deals are not his style.
Can't believe you are bragging about a non-existent language.
The event's aims were not simply focused on bragging rights and artistic merit.
We never seem to tire of bragging about how our supreme intelligence empowers us to lord over all other animals on the planet.
My first guess as to why name dropping is offensive is that it is seen as both a form of bragging and social cheating.
Being good at fantasy football used to give you bragging rights.
Whichever ship is bigger, they both have bragging rights.
Maybe the possibility that the truck is on your agenda for later this morning makes the bragging acceptable.
Nobody was making crude jokes or bragging about the latest run-in with the hood rats.
But although the estimate gives our galaxy some new bragging rights, it's not all good news.
Yes, she's bragging about how her popularity has dramatically increased as a result, and considers it a job well done.
They weren't bragging about vague or rough prediction.
Marlene couldn't resist a little bragging of her own.
Promote your accomplishments in a fact-based way, but not in a bragging way.
It doesn't matter that much--unless you're into bragging rights-- which team actually wins the division.
There's some bragging about the golf bet won that morning.
There are only a few indicators that can be used to measure bragging rights among nations.
Once accepted, groups get bragging rights with a commemorative sign bearing their name along the roadway segment.
Winners will receive team shirts and bragging rights.
Winner gets to donate the food they bag on behalf of their community, and claim bagging-bragging rights.
Other jurisdictions are bragging about their hiring efforts.
All the floats will race down the river and the first float through will win bragging rights.
The winning teams were awarded trophies and medallions, along with bragging rights.
Don't hold back on discussing your qualifications, but be aware of bragging or exaggerating.

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