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Example sentences for brag

Something that they'd want to brag to their friends about doing and trust me.
But any temptation to brag about successes should quickly be tempered by humility over two things.
He has made no disastrous mistakes, and can brag of four substantial achievements.
Today it has become known worldwide and a record is really something special to brag about.
Nothing to brag about, but nothing to be ashamed of either.
Similarly, those who can brag that their gold is clean and their diamonds bloodless can pull moral rank on those who cannot.
They will brag about such acts, but they are simply a cost of doing business, not an instance of corporate altruism.
It doesn't do wonders for your country's ego to brag about your inferior products.
He's the sort to invite everyone over so he can brag about his new satellite dish or his array of spatulas and tongs.
She says that celebrities will brag to each other about how little they pay their nannies.
She said her friend became increasingly status-conscious and would brag about home improvements.
People will give up some income if they can brag to others about where they work.
Bring a camera and get ready to brag to friends and family.
Finally, you will return to quarters and brag about how you battled the big one and won.

Famous quotes containing the word brag

One who puts on armor should not brag like one who takes it off.... more
Arrive in the afternoon, the late light slanting In diluted gold bars across the boulevard brag Of proud, s... more
It is the foible especially of American youth,—pretension. The mark of the man of the world is absence of pretension. ... more
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