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Three hundred million people now get their water from the sea or from brackish groundwater that is too salty to drink.
As a result, reverse osmosis first became established as a way to treat brackish water.
Most are found in tropical and subtropical ocean waters, but some species live in brackish and even fresh water.
And mangrove swamps, which buffer many a coastal zone around the world, flourish in brackish conditions.
They slink seaward mostly at night to avoid predators, lingering in brackish estuaries to gather strength.
She suggested a snakehead, an ancient fish that is today making its way into brackish water.
When purchasing tofu, be sure that the cake is whitish in color and that the soak water is clear and not brackish.
Farmers have converted mangrove swamps into brackish ponds for shrimp and fish.
With sparse and brackish water it helps to have an efficient way of removing salts and minerals.
Some are so close to the sea that their waters are brackish rather than fresh.
Two-thirds of the world capacity is processing seawater, and one-third uses brackish artesian water.
Gars inhabit lakes, bayous, and bays and are able to tolerate brackish and even salt water.
Due to the lack of fresh water coming downriver there are invasions of ocean critters destroying the brackish species.
Wood storks are tall, white denizens of freshwater or brackish wetlands and swamps.
Cypresses, with their tolerance for brackish water, thrive in these ecosystems.
Algae can be grown in areas not suited for food crops, using pools of brackish water or even farming them in seawater.
They inhabit neither freshwater nor sea, but the brackish slurry of coastal marshes.
Rock layers encasing it suggest the creature lived in a brackish coastal swamp or river delta, the researchers said.
But this intense evaporation concentrates salts, making the sea brackish.
Their habitat of choice is the fresh or brackish water of river estuaries, coastal lagoons, and mangrove swamps.
Finally, a brackish tide of pessimism has descended upon the country.
The sea's cool, brackish waters have for centuries protected the wrecks from the wormlike mollusks.
In the past year or so, fresh and brackish water fishing in the mangroves and estuaries has also become popular.
Some plants, such as mangrove trees, can tolerate brackish water.
The stark, rocky island teems with life at times-the brackish lagoon waters are favored by flamingos.
The visitor center has exhibits and interpretive trails around freshwater and brackish ponds.
Solar distillation is a means of converting contaminated or brackish water into potable water.
Each morning, brackish water is pumped from them into pans on the surface.
The fish swim into this brackish water by way of a mouth that opens and closes with a combination of tide and rain.
Stolen appliances are replaced, brackish pools are refilled.
But the pools were little more than enclosures that let the swimmers paddle about in brackish river water.
He painted the resulting brackish stew onto the white lines, matching them to the rest of the map.
Long before an islet submerges, it will become uninhabitable as inland waters become brackish and sea-defences fail.
Spread to a brackish lake, the silver stream of existence.
Purely marine animals, there are no freshwater sea stars, and only a few live in brackish water.
Over time the new sea settled into layers of brackish water, oxygen-depleted salt water, and a mix of both.
The denser salt water filled the bottom of the basin, leaving a layer of lighter, brackish water on top.
Some brackish water from the estuary is being used on the golf course.
To grow plants they use saline river water-brackish from flowing over the desert's surface minerals.
Individuals are occasionally found in brackish water and sometimes get swept out to sea.
If there was convection between them you would soon have brackish water, not two distinct bodies.
Algae plants can be placed on marginal land and use brackish water.
Diatoms exist in both fresh and brackish environments.
Visitors can swim, sunbathe, surf and even kayak or fish in the brackish waters of the park's inner waterways.
They are mostly freshwater marshes, although some are brackish or alkaline.
For brackish water plants, this type of discharge is likely to continue.
Estuaries occur where a river meets the sea, and the water is somewhat brackish.

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