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Example sentences for brackets

The lights turn on automatically and come with mounting brackets.
Goa is choc-a-bloc with places to stay, spanning all price brackets.
Inside, two opposing steel brackets sat almost floating in a tight square pool of sputtering oil.
The top floor opens to a balcony shaded by a red-and-yellow awning suspended on metal brackets.
One impossible example is added in brackets, to mark the transition from relative to conjunction.
What follows, within brackets, is not contained in the first and second editions.
Archer mounted the stairs, turned up the light, and put a match to the brackets on each side of the library mantelpiece.
Observe that the translations within brackets are not in the original, but inserted by myself.
The traps are mounted in brackets and clipped onto the rope so they sit at different depths.
Either way, the press conference was probably a bad idea until there is something to put between the brackets.
The phrasing of some references to dates has been changed, in brackets, for clarity.
The installers had installed the panel mounting brackets on the wrong part of the roof.
They are attached by long brackets, which give them the illusion of floating in mid-air.
He feels that there would be but little sales appeal to persons in the lower income brackets, regardless of price.
The cream overflows on to the lamp-brackets and everywhere, a rather striking example of the use of color wherever possible.
The roof was a kind of tarpaulin, with brackets that folded.
The charitable deduction applies only to donors who itemize and gives bigger savings to those in higher tax brackets.
The television sets once supported by these metal brackets were long ago removed.
The words between square brackets were dropped from my article, giving a different sense.
But he was adamant: no historical-critical edition, no brackets or elaborate footnotes.
All the tax increase would fall on people in the top brackets.
The rich are in higher tax brackets, so they gain more from deductions.
Even though the tax brackets are indexed, they are only indexed to inflation.
Oh, and all those brackets invariably end up a pile of nonsense after the first round or two.
Machine-gun fire brackets him, and he submerges again briefly.
Besides paying taxes on additional income earned, individuals would move into higher income tax brackets.
Two metal posts form the brackets, and a giant elastic band is stretched between them.
Unique brackets allow vertical or horizontal mounting.
Wood is heavy enough as it is, but combined with all those bolted-on brackets it likely weighs a ton.
Extra-wide feet and rigid ankle brackets impart quake-worthy stability.
Exact queries are surrounded by brackets and search for the query in the exact order in which they were entered.
We have a fairly diverse age demographic as you go up into the various age brackets.
They should align vertically with the pivot brackets in the track.
Even if these put rather large brackets around activities.
To add a new name, put it in quotes in the first set of brackets with a comma after it.
The previous month's forecasts, where different, are shown in brackets.
The previous month's figures, where they are different, are shown in brackets.
The previous month's forecast, where different, is shown in brackets.
People in higher tax brackets derive the biggest benefits.
To simplify the tax code: treat all income the same under a unified income tax, eliminate all deductions, and lower the brackets.
The previous month's figures, where different, are shown in brackets.
Big bonuses pushed employees into higher tax brackets.
What follows are words you spoke, except where indicated by the use of square brackets.
And often moving into the higher two brackets indicates the sale of a long held home or business.
Where data in a table represent a ranking criterion, the ranking figure is shown in brackets.
What joints there are between the floors are loosely fitting wooden brackets that allow each storey to slither around.
Arbitrariness is in the nature of a code with brackets.
At the same time, rates could be increased by a smaller amount in lower brackets.
Additional tax provisions require a recapture of tax from taxpayers over certain income brackets.
We know it is getting late to be filling out your brackets, so here is some quick help.
The boxers are drawn at random into single-elimination brackets.
According to the story, it's been determined that the cracks are on non critical brackets inside the wing structure.
These days, almost everybody knows about the brackets.
It is a complete text except for a few edits and missing words that are noted in brackets.
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