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First, in a series of first-round games, each team plays the three rivals in its opening bracket.
If you're shooting film, bracket a lot to make sure of getting the exposure you want.
Or better yet, bracket your exposure by shooting some lighter and some darker than what your meter specifies.
Let's bracket the truth of those contentions and instead examine the rhetorical impact of them.
It is not the job of archaeologists to bracket off and ignore evidence.
Let's bracket for a moment whether or not this can be worked out within a revealed theology.
Our handyman shimmed up the cabinet to level with the others, and built a sort of bracket to attach it to the wall.
And people in your same income bracket should not be priced out of being your customer.
Fewer brackets are simpler to administer, but one bracket is simplest of all.
We'll probably buy eventually, we're in the income bracket where it makes eventual sense to, but there's no hurry to do so.
It would be interesting to see a receipt for an upper tax bracket.
Corporate revenues must be declared and taxes should be applied on the richest to help those who are in the low income bracket.
Place a tamper-resistant bracket atop the battery coolant reservoir to prevent coolant overfilling.
She's got an eccentric bottom bracket, which makes it a breeze to run either gears or a single-speed setup.
Part of the great handling of the bike could be credited to its low bottom bracket, which keeps you stable in turns.
There's also a hole in the bottom of the u-section bracket through which the dock connecter will fit.
We're staying on the defensive side of the bracket today.
After the playoff bracket is set, the bowls would invite teams not in the playoffs.
GM also is adding a sensor to monitor coolant levels and will attach a bracket to keep the coolant tank from leaking.
If a bracket is loose, tighten the screws that hold it to the door.
They see that people in this age bracket are delaying marriage.
The pants had been folded over the hanger, pinched down by a bracket and covered by the shirt and the jacket.
Marketers don't have a consensus for what makes up the tween age bracket.
The less fortunate slide, against their will, into a lower tax bracket and sometimes into jobs they don't want.
Tax-bracket thresholds will increase for each filing status.
Tax-bracket thresholds increase for each filing status.

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