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Example sentences for braces

Hold the posts plumb by placing diagonal braces at right angles to each other.
We were obliged to steady the booms and yards by guys and braces, and to lash everything well below.
Extraction here, filling there, braces to align the words nicely.
The items in curly braces are there to indicate that there might be a number of possibilities.
Patients with braces are often given prescription toothpaste and mouthwash that contain high levels of fluoride.
Ease up on the braces, questions within questions within questions, and actually type something on topic.
GM is adding extra steel braces to the steel tunnel to further protect the battery.
When new vaccine cultures are made, belt-and-braces tests obviously need to be applied.
That's probably less than you'd spend on braces, these days.
One of his leg braces caused a leg blister to form, which became severely infected.
Or it can be a cacophony of clashing teeth, locking braces and bumping noses.
Splints and braces to hold broken bones in place were improvised from additional wreckage.
Essentially, it required adding several beefy braces.
Pretend it's an article about dental braces rather than eyelid surgery, and re-read it that way.
Leg braces and in-shoe splints can help keep the foot in the right position for standing and walking.
Splints and braces can sometimes support weakened joints.
Braces with no visible metal are, not surprisingly, generally considered to be the best-looking.
The braces are gone and so is the uncomfortable smile.
As the rainy season approaches, the country braces for more misfortune.

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