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The children's jewelry was sold in a variety of sets that contained necklace, bracelet and earring or ring combinations.
Touch type on an imaginary keyboard in the air by waving your fingers through the bracelet's infrared lights.
One way around the problem is to wear an alarm bracelet that detects when something is wrong and calls an ambulance.
Gangsters are closely monitored with an electronic bracelet, and their tell-tale tattoos are photographed upon release.
The next thing to catch her eye was a bracelet, hanging from one of the chandeliers.
She's given a case number, a bracelet, a hospital gown.
He wears a dense gold watch and opal cufflinks and a slinky bracelet made of medieval crosses and diamonds.
For the first year, he had to wear an ankle bracelet and was allowed to leave home only for work.
Some ornaments are striking: a bracelet made of hippo bone and another of ostrich and warthog-tusk beads.
Above her left patent sandal is that era-appropriate accessory, the ankle bracelet.
She gave me and my sister-each of us-a beautiful bracelet of small diamonds.
Even more gratifying was a gold bracelet with a charm from the program's stagehands and crew members.
Headphones cost as much as a diamond tennis bracelet.
They gave her a charm for her bracelet--a lock in the shape of a heart.
Every bracelet sold was another few days in paradise.
All of a sudden a paper was taped to the window of the bracelet booth.
The offender is required to be home at a pre-arranged time to allow the bracelet and modem to communicate.
Either type of system can be defeated by either cutting or removing the anklet or bracelet.
The bracelet shall be substantially similar to identification bracelets worn in hospitals.
She reached down with her left hand and found her bracelet deep in the pile.

Famous quotes containing the word bracelet

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