bozo in a sentence

Example sentences for bozo

It's a three ring disaster, the bozo the clown forgot to install an off switch.
True, a skilled teacher is going to do a better job than a bozo any day, regardless of technology.
Sadly, it is quite possible that this bozo is still our best choice.
Every bozo can set up a journal with his buddies and call it peer-reviewed, but that doesn't make it worth anything.
But because he has the temerity to ask for the raw data, he's dismissed as a bozo and a tool of industry.
One solution is registration and implementing a bozo filter.
Thank you again and always be aware, don't let some bozo make a clown out of you.

Famous quotes containing the word bozo

I learned that if I ever claim sexual harassment, I will be confronted with every bozo I once dated, every ... more
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