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Example sentences for boyfriend

Your cousin makes a fine companion, but it bothers you when your boyfriend insists on wheeling her around on all your dates.
Which is unfortunate, since it's one of my boyfriend's favorite flavors.
But, if you look at relationships nowadays, and my boyfriend lives on another continent.
She has actually defended me before, it was funny, but the ex-boyfriend has never forgotten it.
My boyfriend is the same way and it drives me crazy.
Even my boyfriend's dad wants one for his, he works and he is an ex-terminator and he wants to use it to check for bedbugs.
Her shiftless, insensitive, selfish clod of a boyfriend is not the problem.
Stress testing your new relationship might entail wrecking your boyfriend's new car.
Mamie said that she would meet the others at a restaurant across the street, then disappeared, boyfriend in tow.
One day she and her boyfriend bring food and marijuana over to the writers house and proceed to get drunk and stoned.
As if the idea of having a boyfriend, of being straight, required straightening out in other ways.
The entire weekend, they didn't once ask if she had a boyfriend.
She's infatuated by a guy who may or may not be dead, and who certainly isn't a good boyfriend either way.
She was admitted to hospital after a knife fight involving her, a former lover and a new boyfriend.
Oh, and yes, another reason was her boyfriend sitting on the other side of her.
If she safely made it across the bridge, the subjects said, the boyfriend didn't do anything wrong.
To this day, my ex-boyfriend still teases me about it.
You're not sure your new boyfriend is totally over his ex.

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