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Consumer boycotts are a matter of individual choice.
Controversy and boycotts were features of the earlier conferences against racism as well.
The unions' solution is to recruit workers and negotiate-if necessary by boycotts and strikes-better pay and conditions.
In other words, it reduces the risk of boycotts and bad publicity.
There followed boycotts, strikes and civil disobedience directed against the ruling white minority.
One is the legacy of the firm's past scandals involving the sale of milk powder in poor countries, which led to painful boycotts.
With so many close friends in the region, western sanctions and boycotts carry relatively little sting.
Social media has made it easier than ever to organize protests and boycotts.
Principled though they were, both boycotts may well have been mistakes.
Ethiopians voted today in their country's first multiparty elections, but the balloting was marred by opposition boycotts.
The legal fights and boycotts are drawing focus and attention away from what has to be a policy-driven, substantive debate.
The only remarkable thing about these consumer pull schemes or boycotts is their ineffectiveness at doing what they claim to do.
Many housewives shared a belief in the power of boycotts, which could so easily be conducted while grocery shopping.
Other settlements involved failure to report receipt of requests to engage in restrictive trade practices or boycotts.
Making this kind of information public has sometimes led to threats or boycotts of businesses, they say.
Examples of per se offenses include price fixing, bid rigging, market and/or customer allocations and group boycotts.
He'd been especially active in organizing local boycotts of biased businesses and helping with voter registration.
Through that organization he has orchestrated economic boycotts of major corporations that discriminate against blacks.

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