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The type was considered to be heavy and boxy looking.
Hodges pointed from the overlook to a boxy telescope, still under construction.
As the fig trees were perfect that grew all into one boxy wreath round the dry fountain the kids on rented bicycles circled madly.
It's boxy and angular, which doesn't match the style of the rest of the drawing.
The workhorse of his stable was a boxy, semi-fitted suit.
It had a well-stocked bar with boxy sofas and a billiard room, and was half empty: a cliché, in other words.
The old boxy style that blights our cities' skylines.
Nearby are dozens of other similarly boxy factory buildings.
His hair is the exact same postmortem gray as his boxy suit.
Kind of big, boxy suits and turtlenecks, and her hair was in a flip.
For a desktop system, though, the sub is awfully big and boxy.
Farther out, there are two barges: slabs with cranes and boxy things on them.
Hotels and motels, with their boxy confines, have never been kind to mismatched lovers.
Its brick facade dominates the boxy little dining room, which has a high, wood-beamed ceiling and skylights.
Rather, compare sales and market share of small cars to boxy crossovers, the vehicles that the public really seems to want.
In case you've been looking the other way, auto designers have decided that boxy is the new svelte.
They are squat and boxy-looking and there's not much room for custom treatments.
Some were wagonettes, distinguished by their square, boxy design.
The mail cart was a special built, boxy sort of a wagon pulled by one horse.
It had a streamlined and modern look, breaking decisively with the boxy biplanes of only a few years earlier.

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Joy is the knock of dust, Cadaver's shoot Of bud of Adam through his boxy shift....... more
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