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As there are situations where this behavior is acceptable, boxing and similar sports in particular.
Boys play among roosters and the debris of boxing-gloves, tape, and rubber tires.
Protection for hands acting as weapons, gloves are used in both boxing and mixed martial arts matches.
That's exactly what a wild red fox did when she was play-boxing with another fox.
Thanks for saving us from the purgatory of boxing books.
Generalizing usually leads to boxing people in as opposed to broader thinking.
Boxing and thoroughbred racing rounded out the big four spectator sports of the day.
It was a book as much about race in the fifties and sixties as it was about boxing.
As he became immersed in the boxing community, though, his interest shifted to the faces themselves.
Split the movie into a dozen rounds, though, and only about three of them would be adjudged boxing-based.
Two boxers are whaling away at each other in a boxing ring.
He'd set a school record in the shot put, which still stands, and he was an avid boxing fan.
Boxing should be banned, sparing us the fodder for future boxing sagas and slow-motion chugs around the ring.
The only light is an illuminated area in the center of the floor, which appears to be exactly the size of a boxing arena.
Rudy's inborn aggressiveness was channeled by his father, who bought him boxing gloves when he was two years old.
It started with prizefighting, illegal elsewhere in an era of bare-knuckle boxing.
Toads the size of boxing gloves hop across the muddy track.
Any and all requests for boxing matches, meanwhile, will be politely declined.
Later, the vaudeville duo beat each other with rubber chickens and dueled with oversize boxing gloves.
But how and what, exactly, caused the grisly scourge has sparked a boxing match of sorts within the pages of scientific journals.
In the center of the paper he's drawn a tiny boxing ring with two tiny stick figures.
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