box office in a sentence

Example sentences for box office

It is on its way to making hundreds of millions of pounds in box office receipts.
Nor does their education level correlate with their box office earnings.
But many of the outsiders' films have disappointed at the box office, leaving them with poor returns.
Tellingly, the film's first-weekend box office take was well below expectations.
With the market in turmoil, the only safe bets may be at the box office.
The box office matters mostly as an indicator of popularity based on which studios make the vast majority of their revenue.
It's lovely the box office is so exciting and all of that.
Movie producers at first fought the spread of taped movies, fearing home viewing would cut into box office receipts.

Famous quotes containing the word box office

I reckon this could mean another 10 million at the box office.... more
The drama's altar isn't on the stage: it is candle-sticked and flowered in the box office. There is the gol... more
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