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Example sentences for box cornice

It carries a box cornice and a hipped roof broken by hipped dormers.
The church has a plain box cornice along the east and west fa├žades which parallel the ridge of the roof.
Covering it is a gable roof with box cornice and a single non-original dormer on the southern slope.
The house is covered with a gable roof with a box cornice.
Separating the walls from the main roof is a box cornice molding with dentils and fancy-cut braces under the soffits.
The exterior trim consists of simple beaded comer boards and a box cornice.
Originally the gutter would have been enclosed in a wooden box cornice.
The wood box cornice screens a cantilevered wood wall plate which probably served as the original cornice.
The simple box cornice tops a board frieze with a simple board frieze.
The roof has synthetic shingles and box cornice with partial gable-end returns.
The house is of beaded wooden siding with plain comer boards and a box cornice enriched with dentils.
The gable roof has a molded wooden box cornice with short returns.
There is a painted brick frieze and a wooden box cornice.
The asphalt-covered gable roof has a box cornice with bed and crown moulding and tapered rake.
These include a carriage house with its original beaded weatherboarding and box cornice.
The tops of the upper windows touch the simple wooden box cornice.
In contrast to the main section, the wing has a simple wooden box cornice.
There is a two-part molding on the box cornice carrying across the edge of the roof.
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