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It is not a rectangular-box gallery where people show their work.
Wine in a box makes sense environmentally and economically.
Meyers doesn't question whether the box is genuine and dates back to the first century.
Soak three blocks of florist's foam in a bucket of water, then set them on plastic trays inside the window box.
Paint and stenciling transform a nursery box into a house number.
So this plain white box showed up this morning with no indication of what was contained inside.
We did a post on how to build a bee box for solitary nesting bees earlier this week.
Cars and trucks have a small, rugged box of electronics that can reveal how the vehicle was operating before a crash.
My committee members received lumps of coal from my cats' litter box.
Several factors explain this surge in enthusiasm for the ballot box.
The box should be virtually invisible to anyone except those who have followed your clues.
The sticker shock could also become a factor at the ballot box.
With the right eye shut, look at the center of the lower white box.
It's in good condition except missing the shoes and was in its original box.
If you're getting a box anyway, you might consider taking the clippings out and putting them in a little folder.
Our provost is making us do this only so she can check off some box on her next accreditation report.
The wipers and headlights stay on and you have to pull there fuses in the fuse box to get them to go out.
No one reasonable expects you to be a perfect instructor out of the box.
There is literally about a handful of corn in a box of cornflakes.
The side of my project box sports a phone jack for easy connection and disconnection.
Store everything in your car or in a bear box if the campground offers one.
New waterfall boxes combine a waterfall and biological filter in a single box.
Suppose your adversary opens only one moneyless box.
For the cookies, use a pretty box with a lid or a vintage tin lined with tissue paper.
The prefab box is framed in wood and capped with stone veneer.
It is on its way to making hundreds of millions of pounds in box office receipts.
The standard comments in the comments box arrive in their email, which matches their workflow.
Others carry a beech branch, with an apple fastened to it for a head, in an open box.
On account of its strong odor, fish should never be put in an ice-box with other food, unless closely covered.
It is generally recommended to add a little roof on top of the finished box to keep the nests dry.
Using the large holes of a box grater, shred zucchini and potatoes into a medium bowl.
Please stay on the site and a comment box will be with you shortly.
After dark the bed bugs would emerge from his recliner and tattered box-spring mattress to feed on his blood.
Nor does their education level correlate with their box office earnings.
In a gravity field, the molecule always hits the bottom of the box with more energy than when it hits the top of the box.
Other historical sciences include crime scene investigation, geology and the interpretation of baseball box scores.
It's absolutely gotta work right out of the box, you can't go up and fix it when something goes wrong.
In other words scientist have also difficulties with thinking outside the box.
It has limited the spread of big-box retailing and works to retain locally owned retail, such as village stores.
Comes in a velvet-lined brocade gift box with a blue-and-white porcelain dish for the seal paste.
Suddenly every commercial is food-related, every meeting in the office has a box of donuts brought in by the devil.
If they thought the puppet was being mean, they were supposed to put a toy shark in a box.
Butler, a chemist, pulls from his desk a metal box that brims with diamonds.
White rhinos were the ultimate test-three tons of anger in a box.
The box serves two purposes, the first one being the obvious.
While the industry certainly has its share of piracy problems, they aren't affecting box office receipts.
He claimed the boxes were too boring, so his first idea was to create a cereal box that was a bit of fun.
The ubiquitous box changed the heart of many of the world's great maritime cities.
The box had an opening big enough for the seal to put his head in, but not large enough for him to enter completely.
The box that delivers all this stuff has evolved, too.
They are rewarded as fine achievements in box-office hits.
With the market in turmoil, the only safe bets may be at the box office.
Typically, light therapy involves sitting in the glow of a light box which emits a spectrum of light mimicking daylight.
Entrepreneurs think outside the box and are willing to take calculated risks and thus create their own path.
The experimenter leaves the room and naturally the children peek in the box.
They put a cloth or cover over the outside of the box to cut out the light and restrict my air supply.
Too many deliberate misspellings of brand names to avoid the in-box filters-no one will know what you're selling.
When he got home, he lifted the snake and laid it in the terrarium, then he opened the lid of the rat's box.
In a box on the floor are some tear-gas shells that can be fired down into the yard should there be a riot.
First all the heads of families draw slips of paper out of a box.
There's a vinyl box-set version of this remix collection as well.
It's lovely the box office is so exciting and all of that.
The length precluded it from playing more than once a night, limiting the box office, which was good but not great.
The finished garment arrived at a customer's door in an enormous handmade box, fastidiously packed with mounds of tissue paper.
The sea bream shimmers with freshness in its box of shaved ice.
Wires from those sensors ran through a small preamplifier box strapped to his lower back and then to a nearby computer.
One morning, she finds a link to a review of a new book about miniature poodles in her in-box.
The answer sheets were anonymously posted into a box and the recruits had to write how many questions they had solved.
Instead of a complex world where reality sprawls over many dimensions there is a need to box life into as few buckets as possible.
But how much larger would the rotor have to be to get the same electrical energy as the gear box versions.
When the cell is depleted, it can be sent in a preaddressed box to a recycling facility.
Collins had the outside-the-box idea that electrical noise could make mechanical signals easier for people to sense.
The company's earliest attempts at walkers were really nothing more than a pair of legs and feet with a big box on top of them.
At night, the system heats up a large suitcase sized box of bricks when the electricity costs are reduced.
Imagine a box filled with air but divided in half by a barrier.
It worked pretty well unless you blocked the top of the box.

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