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Example sentences for bowling

Nor would the fact that you don't know the difference between a astronomical spheroid and a bowling ball.
Think in terms of the rubber sheet description of gravity, with the bowling ball deforming the sheet.
The long workbench and shelving in this garage are made from sections of a yellow pine bowling-alley lane.
Those players were alleged to have offered to throw matches, a far more heinous crime than bowling a no-ball.
It is the same thing as bowling or curling or darts.
There were bowling outings and birthday parties, and there was even a small gym.
The bowling ball's weight deforms the medium of the mattress, and the deformed medium influences the marble's movement.
In the world of quantum physics, thanks to the uncertainty principle, a flea can indeed throw a bowling ball to another flea.
He also enjoyed bowling and became rather good at it.
If you drop a bowling ball on your bare foot, it hurts.
First of all, severed head in a bowling bag: that gets you into the top ten off the bat.
They also had a shared fantasy life, pretending to be a couple on a bowling team.
For his fiftieth, he was throwing three bowling parties, this being the second.
The company has now gone into the bowling-alley trade.
Bowling and the movies he abandoned after becoming a father.
When the last turtle died and was pitched into the woods behind the writer's house, they took up bowling.
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