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Mostly, it is taken from somewhere in the bowels of the textbook, sometimes from lectures.
The scale of equipment in the bowels of such boats is impressive.
The bacteria primarily cling to the intestinal walls in the bowels of the bowels-the colon.
His bowels were so out of whack that he had to have an enema every third day.
He is eventually taken in by a gang of eccentric bums who live in the bowels of an enormous junk heap.
There is, however, a set that is shared across all bowels.
It's a network of shady arms trading, and in your inflamed bowels, it happens at an unprecedented level.
But the infected fluid had pressed on her bowels, causing tissues to stick together and obstruct fecal movement.
And this was an incredible technological achievement over predicting anything out of spilling an animal's bowels.
Other risks of the surgery include damage to the bladder and bowels.
On his way home from the grocery store, he loses control of his bowels and soils himself.
Sensory disturbances can also affect the ability to urinate or control bowels.
He was taken with hemorrhage of the bowels ten or twelve days ago.
The two-hour self-guided tour will take you deep into the bowels of the ship, which is rumored to be haunted.
Staycation is a term the industry coined a few years back in the bowels of this horrible recession.
The bowels are entire in the body, and the joints flexible.
His wounds were rubbed with salt, which the activity of the fire forced the deeper into his flesh and bowels.
The effect sought after is a cramped space in the bowels of a ship, imprisoned by white steel.
It is not necessary then that he should have bowels for the poor, so he can secure for his family the odd trick.

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