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The quandary faced by the colonial bourgeoisie is probably a bit beyond the audience of this book.
These dogs are the bourgeoisie of the canine world, and they expect to be treated as such.
Rich bourgeoisie were able to spend lavishly on construction.
Only the bourgeoisie are overwhelmingly obsessed to meet, rub shoulders and party with white society.
The bourgeoisie were the square, practical ones.
The only people who romanticize the lower classes are mentally bankrupt trustafarians or hypocritical members of the bourgeoisie.
Now that's really showing your contempt for the bourgeoisie.
The birth of the bourgeoisie brought access and pretensions of taste to a much larger swath of humanity.
Artists rebelled against the stodgy mores of the bourgeoisie.
It's the haute bourgeoisie who have a problem with her-they're jealous of her.
The new bourgeoisie has created an enormous market, even if you ignore wild extrapolations about the future.
There is one thing that leftists never seem to learn: an understanding that their fate is bound up with the bourgeoisie.
The need of a constantly expanding market for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the whole surface of the globe.
In the nineteenth century, problems in communication arose because of the moral expectations the bourgeoisie had of art.
They gave too much encouragement to the bourgeoisie.
For a revolutionizing bourgeoisie, the only constant was the process of change itself.
He lives to glorify the human body and appall the bourgeoisie.
The characters are simple bourgeoisie, and are acted with grateful simplicity.
The revolutionary parties had little to do with this and regarded it as a bourgeoisie triumph.

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