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These researchers bore alarming news about the ocean's bounty.
The foundation might then auction the rights to the bounty to ensure that the vaccinations are performed at the lowest cost.
Not so long ago the ocean's bounty seemed to have no limit.
All of the pristine lakes in the region yield a bounty of delicious freshwater fish.
These sunny giants bring old-fashioned charm and a bounty of edible seeds.
There was a time when people believed that the ocean's bounty was unlimited.
Instead they slowly gnaw away at their summer bounty throughout the winter.
Second: offer a bounty to the world's computer users for every proven violator they turn in.
When the seasonal bounty is this gorgeous, it's best to leave well enough alone.
And they drew a bounty of letters, laden with readers' prognostications, criticisms and alternative answers.
One, my impending marriage has brought a bounty of new kitchen toys, including a stand mixer and a dutch oven.
How to turn your backyard bounty into healthy and delicious preserves to enjoy year-round.
To reach the summer's bounty of fish, squid and krill, they often must negotiate a phalanx of hungry sea leopards.
The natural bounty of those places made the occasional hurricane or tsunami tolerable.
Summer's bounty of eggplant, basil, and ripe tomato is perfectly highlighted in this simple recipe.
And, given their delicate nature, clathrates tend to release their methane bounty during these landslides.
The reef and examples of its bounty are pictured at right.
Rent your own little cabin by the water and savor the island's bounty.
The chancellor's bounty will do little for them because haulage rates will be further cut.
Hundreds of farmers and gardeners bring their bounty to enormous sheds on the south side of downtown.
Put out a bounty on these people and you will soon see a drastic reduction in killings.
Apparently this is supposed to eliminate a lot of unwanted growth and make it easier to harvest our bounty.
Financial markets have been anticipating this bounty.
Industrialized farming has relied on nitrogen fertilizer for its bounty.
Some argue that it too is testing the limits of geology's bounty.
But as more urbanites become aware of the free bounty surrounding them, new issues are--pardon the pun--cropping up.
Shellfish are abundant, so there's a good chance you too will do some glutting on fresh local bounty.
They harvest the sea's bounty by traditional methods.
Moreover, the sea offers fishing bounty and is a vital shipping route for a big chunk of world trade.
While nature's bounty causes allergies and colds this time of year, so does the dry indoor air.
The bounty on the head of this desk is unknown, as it was a one-off custom job.
At a lower level, bean-counters are becoming a bit less blind to nature's bounty.
Farmers have history to thank for their liquid bounty.
Savor the local bounty as well as the golden beauty of autumn on the coast.
Ideally, signature gatherers should not be bounty hunters interested in money, but volunteers believing in a cause.
The workers spend weeks at a time in the forest, living off its bounty as they earn a few taka for their labor.
Here, life is shaped by the sea and the bounty it brings.
Nature still offers her bounty and human efforts have multiplied it.
Perhaps, the bounty of the animal migrations attracted more and more people to the gatherings.
During tomato season, confit is one of the best ways to use the season's bounty.
Those who enlisted received a bounty for their troubles, sometimes totaling several hundred dollars.
In addition, the mines offer a bounty for every loose stone turned in.
It is out of the bounty and abundance of his own nature that he is as amusing in the execution as in the conception of his work.
We tell our children to be good and send them off to bed, where they lie awake, anticipating their great bounty.
With such a bounty on scarab heads, some conservationists worry that populations could be depleted.
During one attempt he killed a bounty hunter who was trying to catch him.
The supposed first-line beneficiaries of this new gas bounty-electric power companies-have their own concerns.
Owing to this bounty, the areas above the shale are now in the grip of an unprecedented gas-drilling boom.
The world had never seen such bounty, but it didn't anticipate the environmental costs.
In those areas where fish were plentiful and available year-round, it's likely some orcas stayed to take advantage of the bounty.
Sharing equally the bounty of labor meant the downward spiral to too many eaters and not enough energetic workers.
Trotter's kitchen crew never works off a set menu, but begins each day with the market's bounty and a blank sheet of paper.
Their bounty already puts them at risk from fishermen.
Many were arrested wrongly or turned in by opportunistic bounty hunters.
Sometimes he also placed the single snack next to the two others, to emphasize the bounty that patience offered.
But they don't give up their bounty easily, so for now they're more expensive than corn-based ethanol to produce.
Naturally enough, local chefs and home cooks alike build late-summer meals around all this bounty.
The additions reflect a bounty of coffee shops and coffee bars surfacing in unlikely parts of town.
Still struggling with his curse as the devil's bounty hunter.
Inside, a bounty of produce thrives under the supervision of a computer-controlled network of sensors, motors and plumbing.

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