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Relationships during adolescence are usually bounded by a mutual understanding that they involve limited commitment.
The brain is a bounded machine, an information processing device with limited computational power.
He bounded over the tall weeds to her, bleating hungrily.
As the dogs bounded into camp, you could see how they couldn't wait to provide for the pups.
What interests me about this study is the way it reveals the bounded nature of memory.
The dogs bounded back to him, the lovely bouncing run, the ears afloat.
Howler monkeys, smaller than their mainland cousins, bounded in the branches above.
He bounded to the podium, handsome in a sharp dark suit, and unleashed a booming voice.
Now the bits of the economy that have bounded ahead are those, such as horticulture, that owe little to the politicians.
Libyans bounded together and overthrew their dictator who had been ruling longer than some were alive.
Here our mental functioning is focused, linear and well-bounded.
Before crocodiles lurked on the water's edge, they bounded after prey on long legs.
The scientists bounded lasers off the feathers to track their wiggles as the mini-shaker vibrated faster and faster.
The shift operator on functions with a lower bounded domain is a perfect example of an isometry that is not unitary.
And of course on the larger scale the universe represents a set of strands that is bounded.
His inventions not only reshaped modernity but also promised a future bounded only by creativity.
He has forgotten how it was when your whole being leaped and bounded, before you turned into a lumbering galoot.
Deer bounded out of the brush and leaped across a meadow.
The city is a canyon bounded by industrial towers, some of which belch fire.
Its central part presents a deep longitudinal fissure, bounded by prominent overhanging anterior and posterior lips.
It is possible only because the universe, vast though it is, shows certain characteristics of a unified and bounded whole.
The fluid definition of a city block can mean an uninterrupted area bounded on four sides by streets.
Bounded edges and rubberized backing, along with special chromo jet printing increases both color durability and rug longevity.
Situated on a secluded peninsula, it is bounded by ocean, harbor and river.

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