bouncy in a sentence

Example sentences for bouncy

They then headed for a lone, leftover, bouncy string.
Walk across a bouncy rubber tongue complete with taste buds and realistic burping noises in the background.
The host parents had rented a petting zoo for the day, and kids jumped gleefully in a bouncy castle out in the driveway.
In this bouncy musical, a sax-playing ex-convict joins a swing band and embarks upon a cross-country tour.
Bouncy waves and straightforward rapids provide opportunities to get a feel for the paddles.
The venue features a climbing wall, bouncy play equipment, tunnels to crawl through and a giant maze with a ball pit.
Foreign investment is up, drawn by an improved security situation, the lure of minerals and a bouncy regional market.
Yet many industry executives are surprisingly bouncy about the future.
Our local kindergarten has a fine playground in the courtyard, with a bouncy surface to ease the descent of tumbling toddlers.
The first is that, after nearly two decades of healthy performance, the economy has suddenly begun to look a lot less bouncy.
These kittens have all grown up into happy, bouncy and loving cats.
He appeared to be in an unusually relaxed, even bouncy mood.
Yet it's capable of taking sharp, high-pixel density photos even from a bouncy rickshaw.
Do not allow infants to sleep in car seats, swings, and bouncy chairs.
Children of all ages enjoy listening to bouncy rhythms and reciting catchy rhymes.
Limit car rides and any other activity that would be too rough or bouncy.
In winter, the forest rests, lifting bare limbs to the sky or sloughing off snow mounds from bouncy evergreen branches.
Children will enjoy bouncy rides and arts and crafts.
To amuse her when she's cheerful, try a bouncy tune.
Walk a few steps in these shoes and you're a little unsettled, slightly bouncy.
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