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Light models bounce on modest bumps in the ground, which leads to cross-cutting.
The role of friends in helping the boss bounce back is particularly important.
They made the switch because they wanted every basketball they use to feel and bounce the same.
Light that does make its way through the dense atmosphere is unlikely to bounce off the planet's surface and make it out again.
Were the egg to bounce free, she would fiercely peck and break it.
The plant will go dormant through winter but bounce back for one more season the following summer.
The tennis ball would not bounce on the tennis court.
People toss out acronyms that bounce off my brain and splat on the floor, unabsorbed.
Cranberries also float, thanks to the same internal air pockets that make them bounce.
History suggests marshes don't easily bounce back from oil.
Clerestory windows bounce the light off the ceiling, brightening the space.
The bounce in share prices was not supported by better economic news.
Bats measure distances, dodge objects, and locate prey by listening to their own sound signals bounce off objects.
Rain really beats down pansy flowers, but violas bounce back quickly.
The video keeps playing inside the tiles as they tiles bounce around.
He whooped into the sky, listening to his voice bounce back from the cliffs.
The result is a pleasant, cushioned bounce that provides a surprising amount of air time.
Their cold-war rivalry could have incinerated the planet and made the cinders bounce.
Corals do show some capacity to bounce back from bleaching and other destructive events.
The euro is forecast to bounce back from its weak start.
The goal is to ensure that there aren't any reflective surfaces that could bounce light from the flash back to the camera.
One way to buy time for photons is by forcing them to bounce back and forth.
To locate prey, the dolphins make sounds that bounce off objects.
If you don't have a way to bounce your flash off the walls or ceiling, turn your camera upside down for portraits.
The pressure of the photons as they bounce off the solar sails propels the craft, which theoretically doesn't need an engine.
He shot his way into the building, grabbed the flag and used a gravity lift to bounce his way out.
It's basically a warehouse filled with different bounce houses.
The instrument then measures how long it takes for light to bounce back.
Most planets' thick atmospheres bounce the majority of sunlight back into space.
The longer the tiny specks of ice bounce around in the wind, the bigger they become.
Bounce went everywhere with him, sleeping beside his cot or trotting beside him on the quarterdeck.
The reflections bounce back and forth from side to side creating multiple images.
What will bounce back--sure some form of life will be resilient enough to take our licking--which form of life is the question.
Or, it might bounce off the students social-networking addled minds.
Neural signals start in the senses, bounce around in the brain and then flow through to the muscles.
Some wonder if the cuts are sustainable if the economy does not bounce back as predicted.
But even with less of its habitat being destroyed the spotted owl population has yet to bounce back.
Companies may still wonder whether they face a short bounce or a long slump.
In the long term, however, the yen's huge undervaluation means that it will eventually bounce back.
The popularity of both his immediate predecessors also collapsed mid-term, only to bounce back.
But as the economy recovers, and with it demand for gas, prices should bounce back.
He believes every photographer should master the use of flash and bounce lighting.
The puppy cannot hear their warning growls and only wants to bounce all over them.
Otherwise, any incoming mail not sent to your master account will bounce.
Frustrating delays or glitches can make it tough for musicians to bounce ideas off one another.
So you are a motor bus: all bounce and go, and no consideration for anyone.
Commercial banking and real estate healed more slowly, but still enjoyed a small bounce back as consumers got back their footing.
The way our society addresses this problem has been about as effective as a parachute that opens on the second bounce.
In cricket the ball is supposed to bounce off the ground before reaching the batter.
We bounce along in the dilapidated chariot, squealing and holding on for dear life.
In fact, the flavor seems to bounce around in your mouth, it is so alive and vibrant.
Mooring was accomplished by a sidling maneuver, and finished with a bounce against tire cushions hung along the dock.
They paused for a moment-noticing the ball take a funky bounce, perhaps-then kept playing.
At one point, he brought his lips so close to her shoulder that he could feel his breath bounce back off her skin.
Once words enter the workplace they're allowed to bounce about between different parts-of-speech with freewheeling fluidity.
The tiny green peas in the bowl-easy to drop with chopsticks-are so robust they bounce.
First, however, you'll get a bounce-back message that directs you to a brief video.
First, bond markets often take a calmer view than stock markets, which tend to bounce up and down in reaction to news headlines.
Emitted photons bounce back and forth in a channel etched into the top layer of silicon, until they emerge as laser light.
Light that fits cannot escape the tapered mirror crevices of the two sharp sides, with lossy reflection at each bounce.
In a normal laser, photons bounce between two mirrors through a gain medium that amplifies the light.
To measure position, it emits an infrared beam and measures how long that light takes to bounce back from objects it encounters.
Materials strong enough to withstand the strain of a human joint often fail to bounce back to their original size.
More complex systems bounce data around a few hops, with identifying data encrypted, to protect anonymity.
In the wake of the recession, no one expects consumer spending to bounce back right away.
The economy may yet avoid recession, but hopes of a quick, strong bounce-back have faded.
The surge is a bounce-back from an even more precipitous slump while war raged.
The pod is designed with an inflatable tube around its edges, which should cause it to bounce off the walls of a building.
His members are betting that demand will bounce back, but it is a gamble.
Politics may be messy, but the economy is starting to bounce back.
Yet spending may not bounce back even if growth does.
But almost all expect a bounce-back later in the year, as monetary easing works its charm.
Most coral reef ecosystems will bounce back from collapse.
They often curve sideways as they dive and then explode from the bounce with sideways motion.
If you try to scroll the icons too far, they'll stretch and bounce.
As you bounce, the copter's blades send you high into the air.
If you bounce a check, your bank agrees to cover it by extending credit.
Stocks of restaurants, financial services, retailers bounce back.
No fantasy owners should still have him on their bench, as there's no sign of a bounce-back.
Each guest receives one free drink, a paper place setting and access to the special party bounce room.
In sonar setups such as fish finders, pulses of sound bounce off the water's bottom--and off any creatures that happen to swim by.
But if you kick a particle toward the edge, it can bounce back to you.
The nation, eventually, could always bounce back from a natural disaster.
In addition, many meteors that are seen, bounce off our atmosphere and keep on moving.
Observed that high-speed particles bounce off a sheet of gold foil.
The waves bounce off the skin and are collected by a receiver.
Ants on the top are free to walk around, and they bounce off the edges until they are caught at one.
It may also help to propel locomotion by giving the animal springy bounce to its step.
But as they speed up, they slip into their signature bounce.
Bounce sound waves off the heart, interpret the tracing, and you're done.
So it can't be the real reason for my particles to bounce between the two neighborhoods.
Particles careen through space, bounce off the surface, their energies undiminished.
But in the daytime, incoming sunlight may bounce off the clouds, leading to cooler days.
Signals from the surface can bounce off this mirror essentially all the way around the planet.
Consumption of beer and use of amplified music and inflatable bounce houses require permits.
Find the ratio of each bounce height to the previous height, and record your results in the table below.
High-energy sound waves from the transducer bounce off tissues and create echoes.
Children sit on these toys and rock or bounce while holding onto dowels attached to the horse's head.
When the airplane contacts the ground with a sharp impact it tends to bounce back into the air.
Bounce houses must have an independent energy source.
Fashion adds new bounce to the market for athletic footwear.
Long after you've become too old to enjoy after school cartoons, their theme songs continue to bounce around your brain.
You're close, so close you hear every grunt, squeaking shoe and bounce of the ball.

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