bouldering in a sentence

Example sentences for bouldering

Because it's generally safer and requires only rock shoes and a crash pad, bouldering is the hottest trend in climbing.
If you go climbing or bouldering on your own, you may be able to pioneer a new route or two.
Yet nontechnical approaches require only moderate bouldering, which ensures that the trio are within reach of any fit backpacker.
Bouldering, the third type of indoor climbing, involves shorter rock walls that climbers scale without the use of ropes.
Several bouldering paths also share space with the top rope routes.
The surrounding area offers bouldering opportunities and hiking trails.
Bouldering on the rocks of the side and terminal moraines can be a challenge.
Climbing opportunities range from bouldering for a few hours to multi-day big wall experiences.
Session activities include bouldering, rappelling and rock climbing.
Spotting is to bouldering as belaying is to climbing.
When rock climbing or bouldering, make sure you or someone in your party is with your dog.
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