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Example sentences for bought

The couple bought several home-improvement books and started studying.
Students bought reusable containers for their lunches instead of plastic bags.
Friendships are cheap when they can be bought by dropping the hat.
Imagine you've just bought a shiny new electric car.
She bought the electric drill to get a tidier household.
They bought a three-bedroom log cabin on five and a half acres and are now purchasing 10 more acres.
She bought a saddle and a tack box.
He wondered how he would get rid of the case he had bought the week before.
He had bought a house right in the path of the avalanche.
See how to turn store-bought bouquets into memorable displays.
Certain things such a footwear and gloves have to be bought, and are necessary.
With the money he bought himself a suit of cheap, flashy clothes.
She could have bought the tickets on the day of the performance itself.
Clams for steaming should be bought in the shell and always be alive.
He might allow a picture to leave his studio if a friend bought it, since he was.
And anyone with the money could have bought a dozen at that price.
They bought a simple wooden house with an adjoining cottage for him to use as a studio.
Murphy bought a few ten-cent cans of wood alcohol at a nearby paint shop and carried them back in a brown paper bag.
The restaurants didn't hustle folks out who lingered over their meal-or even those who bought no food.
If you think animal testing stops human testing from happening, you've bought into the hype.
By one estimate, he has bought enough to make more than five billion chocolate bars.
These used to be thriving places, where people bought furniture and other household goods.
Several pharmaceutical companies have gone further and bought generic-making rivals.
Then the wolf went away to a shopkeeper and bought himself a great lump of chalk, ate this and made his voice soft with it.
Those who bought into that notion, look where they are now.
Entire coast bought up by developers destroying turtle beaches and places that should remain natural and protected.
But wages from those jobs bought clear-cuts that reduced forests to stumps, destroying bear habitat and salmon spawning grounds.
Coffee beans are bought green and roasted on premises.
Bought this as part of a collection of clothes to wear on a months long trek.
He says he lost his dad because too much oil money bought too much drink.
Poverty means that enrichment items are not bought, including subscriptions to magazines and newspapers.
For example, suppose you bought a book about cancer.
Many people's silence and compliance has been bought as well.
The bank record will tell you the total amount, not what you bought.
Government has colluded with this process of being bought off, but the governing power in this society is the corporation.
They bought the property with a partner and renovated it to include rooms, a yoga studio and two restaurants.
The other half wrote a paragraph about a thing they bought.
The researchers also bought several fish at the store as controls.
He tells him, that he has bought the cheapest paint, which he enjoys.
The permits can be bought by polluters, for example, owners of coal-fired power plants.
It was designed for something else domestic use, then the military bought it.
Physical beauty can be bought cheaply enough, and is worthless.
The contract you signed that makes you say that must pay a pretty penny to have bought your soul.
But while trying to weigh my options, a company that had never seen a demo bought the patent.
Merit was replaced by privilege and prestige could be inherited or bought instead of earned.
So, the insurance company goes broke, and people that bought the insurance are not protected.
Parsing information makes them look less educated, or bought off.
So, cutting ties with people you used with or bought from, would be a good first step.
Only a small percentage of them actually bought anything, but that's the point.
Buyers have aggressively bought multiple properties with every penny of free cash flow.
We went to the local grain-and-feed store and bought an incubator.
But they're not exactly emotionally invested in the product you bought.
But anyone who has bought tickets online knows that it doesn't always work that way.
Store-bought fettuccine simply can't compare to homemade.
There was a store-bought easel and a carton of art supplies on the floor.
Today a memory disc drive storing that amount of information weighs a few pounds and can be bought for about a thousand dollars.
And because popcorn is one of the only products bought by weight and sold by volume, bigger flakes translate into bigger profits.
Technology is constantly bought up and repressed to keep the money flowing.
There is nothing you can say or do to change the minds of people who have bought into this propaganda.
When buying and selling are regulated, the first items to be bought and sold are the regulators.
Tobacco companies raised doubt by trotting out bought-and-paid-for experts who cherry-picked data.
She had bought it years earlier at a crafts fair she had visited half in secret, with her lover.
They bought the house next door and added a few more tables.
Their costumes were identical and appeared to be store-bought.
Beings that were barely human manufactured and bought and sold things, and cities covered the continents with luminous color.
She sometimes foists off a main dish as her own when it was actually bought at a gourmet shop.
Here they live in a one-bedroom condo they bought a few years ago, nothing fancy but right on the beach.
There was no provision for lodgers so he bought a house.
The one exception was the dining-room set, which my parents bought shortly after they were married.
They'd pooled their money and bought a marinated eel.
He raced to the grocery store and bought half a gallon of chocolate ice cream.
Once, she bought a stationary bicycle for her apartment.
When the bank pulled out, the family whose drive-in was destroyed by heavy winds bought the building with their insurance money.
Many websites offer purchase suggestions based on previous buys or what other, similar users have bought.
Obsolescence is the curse of electronics: no sooner have you bought a gadget than its hardware is outdated.
Less people have jobs to make the fewer goods bought sold distributed and produced both here and abroad.
People who were responsible for making sure the elections were fair, were bought off.
Some of us have bought new once or twice but prefer a ride which has been tested, its a horse thing.
Physical books have a great life cycle where they are bought and sold and donated.
She reels off a list of shops and what each character bought in them.
Don't forget to wave to your neighbors-they're watching you through the window you haven't bought curtains for yet.
They were the first she'd ever bought for herself and she wanted them to be right.
In full-page magazine ads he was warned that unless he bought nylon tires, he dared not drive at high speeds.
If you've bought a lottery ticket simply hoping you'll win, that's wishful thinking.
In other words, the people downloading movies illegally would never have bought those movies legally in the first place.
Sato bought books of his speeches, learned his catchphrases and got a tan.
The department bought leather office chairs similar to this one.

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