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Bottom line folks, this stuff works, and you will be benefitting within a couple of years.
The bottom line is that this is really complicated stuff, and don't believe anybody who says otherwise.
Bottom line: don't expect me to back off from natives any time soon.
Bottom line, he knows this subject thoroughly and is used to breaking down its complexities for those of us less versed.
It's a fair point, and one that brings us to the bottom line: if you want to try decanting, go for it.
Of course, crowd management cost money-it comes out of the bottom line.
Yes, the middle manager does not always contribute directly to the bottom line.
The reasons are multiple and complex, but the bottom line is that the state's world-renowned plumbing is now perilously stressed.
Still, over more than ten years, the bottom line of billions of measurements has been positive.
The bottom line is that time travel is allowed by the laws of physics.
But the bottom line is that the system is now working.
Designated meat would then be sold for a premium price, helping increase the farmer's bottom line.
Have students try tracing several descendants on the bottom line back to their original ancestor.
We need to make the bottom line not wealth, but well-being.
Bottom line, it's actually pretty intuitive unless you rely on the instructions.
If nothing else, cutting the prison population helps the bottom line.
Neither will they over-order because returns can cut into their bottom line.
So the bottom line is that it may be where you are looking from and the ratio of time involved since it all began.
The bottom line it helped me to control alcohol use.
The bottom line is that memory is essential to constructing scenarios for ourselves in the future.
Bottom line, security is weak and will remain weak for the foreseeable future.
Unfortunately, the bottom line was that the vaccine didn't work.
The bottom line is nobody knows how the brain works.
The bottom line is that brain scans tell you something about brains, but little about behavior.
The bottom line remains: the thorium cycle has no significant proliferation-related advantage over the uranium cycle.
Bottom line, no matter where you live, two pronged approach.
The bottom line is, there are many compelling reasons to move off of hydrocarbons and few good reasons for sticking with them.
Bottom line: reliance on foreign oil is increasingly dangerous and economically costly.
The bottom line to date: build all the wind turbines you want, but forget about doing without traditional fossil fuel plants.
The bottom line is they can't possibly have remorse for all of the damage they do to peoples lives.
But bottom line is that a huge container facility will eventually be built around the entire site.
Playboy is heading back to school to boost the bottom line.
One-third said decision makers thought the environmental programs would have a slight negative effect on the bottom line.
When it comes to study abroad, university officials must constantly balance their overseas aspirations with the bottom line.
We're still interested in diversifying the campus, but we're also interested in improving the bottom line.
Our bottom line didn't budge a bit in the right direction.
While traditional publishers are interested in the bottom line, libraries-as-publishers are focused on the problem of access.
Cut real costs, so that the platform they utilize contributes to their bottom line.
While some might make use of it purely for convenience, the bottom line to all this technology is actually access.
The bottom line will always be cost efficiency for minimum educational quality.
It's a place that serves the public interest, and a business with a bottom line.
Many admissions officials found themselves under pressure to meet ambitious enrollment goals while protecting the bottom line.
The bottom line is that students who speak out or organize in any way risk serious exposure.
We need to adjust the size and composition of our applicant pool to get to our desired bottom line.
And the corollary to the bottom line is know what your job is, and don't do a job that isn't yours.
Profitable business operations may hide activities that add no benefit to the bottom line.
The bottom line is that aging academics are potentially blocking job opportunities for younger scholars.
Bottom line, being able to customize your food is one of the secrets to a great dinner party with lively conversation.
They are trained to only look at the bottom line and the results on the bottom line have to be immediate.
Bereft of leverage, it can be pushed back to its bottom line by a clever opponent.
Virtuous this may be, but it has not been good for the bottom line.
Radical redesigns can have lots of teething troubles that spoil a customer's bottom line.
Outsourcing can bring other benefits too, especially in a downturn, when bosses are concentrating on the bottom line.
But all this leverage came at a grievous cost to its bottom line.
Far more important is the bottom line, especially as oil prices soar.
The virtues of humanism, responsibilities of the government-the bottom line is things are disappearing.
The bottom line is that these medications often relieve the patient's suffering, and this is why doctors prescribe them.
In an excerpt from their new book, the authors calculate the grim bottom line.
Now they are part of a real conglomerate with an eye on the bottom line, as are the other clubs.
Antibiotic use on the farm hurts people-and doesn't help the bottom line.
The bottom line is that cell phones do not emit particles at a high enough energy to damage tissue.
Bottom line, an earthquake can happen almost anywhere at any time and damage buildings thought invincible.
Bottom line is they don't really care about your health.
Bottom line is that science is actively trying to answer questions that don't yet have answers.
Maybe the customers sometimes ante up and maybe sometimes it's the corporate bottom line.
The bottom line is that watching a meteor shower requires patience, persistence and not worrying about exact timing.
The bottom line, however, is that it pretty-much worked.
Bottom line, their prediction system was too flawed to be useful.
The bottom line, it seems to me, is whether our societies are working.
It wouldn't be fair to prevent people from making their own food choices, the bottom line: it's about personal responsibility.
Bottom line is that polymer has a long way to go to compete directly with silicon.
Bottom line is that human life is not that precious.
The bottom line is that they confirm the predictions.
The bottom line is, vertical axis turbines are less efficient, and it takes more materials and labor to make the things.
Bottom line is this, if there's a will, there's a way.
The bottom line for an engine is the amount of thrust it generates relative to its own weight.
For me, the bottom line is that energy's future is more uncertain than conventional thinking would indicate.
Even bottom line managers are getting on the bandwagon.
Of course this drop had an impact on the bottom line.
Bottom line: as more new drugs enter human trials, a crisis is brewing.
Typically, companies ring up tax credits in down years and use the credits to plump up the bottom line when business picks up.

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