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Tuck in baked chips and a sports bottle with pomegranate juice.
Play out by the stone fireplace, and have your pizza and bottle of red served courtside.
It's less wasteful to purchase a small bottle, and the containers are recyclable.
Maybe you're pleased that it cost less than a bottle of shampoo.
In another, they found a silver cruet set, nutmeg grater and bottle of peppercorns.
Up close, you can make out plastic forks and spoons, bottle caps and rubber balloons.
Tour the galleries and explore interactive carts where you can handle brushes, palettes, bison hide and bottle caps.
The basket contained a bottle and bread and a few other provisions.
We have learned to bottle our parents twain in the yelk of an addled egg.
But, by a curious irony, neither poverty nor the bottle impaired the tireless industry of the hacks.
Tappet-hen, a crested hen-shaped bottle holding three quarts of claret.
The faculty protesters said the proposal was essentially old wine in a new bottle.
My dissertations students have given me a ceramic dish, a bottle of champagne, and picture frames.
Students who think they are academic customers have this perception that they are an empty bottle that needs to be filled.
If you use a refillable water bottle, put rubber bands around the base to mark your your target number of fill-ups.
Most people are content to get their green tea via can or bottle hot or cold, though cold is more common.
Thank yous to advisors at the end of graduate school--a decent bottle of wine.
Magnesium tablets are pretty cheap though, only a couple dollars a bottle.
Bottle-fed goats can be unbelievably friendly and have great personalities.
One of my kids wouldn't take a bottle no matter what was in it, ever.
We used bottle caps to understand the decimal system.
For many developed nations, environmental groups challenge the notion that water is healthier from a bottle than a tap.
The bottle labels also carry no warnings about human toxicity or usage procedures.
Wash and completely dry your water bottle between uses.
Investing in a wide-mouth reusable bottle makes cleaning easier.
Use a stainless steel bottle when a portable water bottle is needed.
Add the vinegar and water solution to a spray bottle and keep it near the washer.
Then he turned and pulled out a plastic spray bottle.
Combine washing soda, borax, natural liquid soap and hot water in a spray bottle for a heavy-duty cleaner.
Pour the mixture into a plastic squeeze bottle, such as an old shampoo bottle, and let it stand overnight.
But when it comes time to make the change, contemplating the ingredient list on a bottle of hair coloring might give you pause.
Consumers can justify buying one-sixth of a bottle of new perfume each month, but maybe not a whole bottle in one go.
Shakespear was nothing except to fill the old wine in new bottle.
He would shake out into his palm a handful of pills from a bottle, open his wide red mouth, and fail to swallow them.
But after a few winks and whispers, one purveyor produced a bottle from the boot of his car and offered me a sip.
To make her wares she decapitates small green snakes with a pair of scissors and drains the blood into a plastic bottle.
The bottle has an empty weight of four ounces including the cap.
Drill a hole in the bottom of each bottle to insert the uncapped neck of another.
But this week a ship's crew foiled a hijacking with help from a decidedly older technology: a message in a bottle.
But picking an e-book reader is more difficult than choosing a brand of cereal or a bottle of shampoo.
Thus, you carry filtered water in a reusable bottle, not environmentally catastrophic bottled water.
The stainless steel water bottle features a secure screw top for spill-proof travel.
One of the best techniques is to slide a bottle into a sock and then wrap it tightly in a shirt or other garment.
Since you may not always have access to a stove or microwave, a portable bottle warmer can provide the needed service.
We gave them an empty tank and a floating pill bottle and waited to see what would happen.
Place a flat index card over the opening of the bottle.
So unlike the trickle charger, there is no bottle neck.
Once you have infected adults in the air, the genie is out of the bottle.
Because the tamper-evident seal cannot be broken, even a nearly full bottle cannot be given.
Bio-crude s refining bottle-neck would allow the pricing manipulations that big oil currently enjoys.
It climbed down the crate its pot stood on and ate the label off a vitamin bottle.
In our own house, one bottle had broken while its neighbor remained upright.
Pickett was eventually conked by a bottle thrown from the stands, but all escaped.
My goal was to connect the land, the sea, and the air to the taste in the bottle.
We sweep our lights beneath the benches, looking for a tackle box, an unopened bottle of beer.
In sweet home-canned goods the goal is to make something that jells, lest you bottle syrup.
Then he headed for the kitchen and got another bottle of beer from the fridge.
The hook could be a shampoo bottle full of water, a boot or a fingernail clipper.
He was stinking drunk, with a spent vodka bottle by his side, but he still wanted more alcohol.
The sea peeked through at every turn, now bottle-green in the midafternoon sun.
They are a sort of history in a bottle, all the stories in two books.
Put the bottle of homemade plum vinaigrette back on the shelf.
It is an artful, wonderful, environmentally correct bottle.
Shops sell the bacteria in a bottle and you add it to your aquarium once a week.
Is your point that you should only build a zero-emissions city if it is financed by bottle and can redemptions.
Libraries are bursting with refereed literature patting itself on the back for bottle washing and button sorting.
In addition, the detector could be placed inside a magnetic bottle to screen out magnetic noise.
In the quest for longer life, scientists are trying to find the genes of longevity and bottle their benefits for all.
The second bottle seems too expensive and the diners select the cheaper one.
As a result, the pressure in the whole magma chamber rises--much as the pressure rises in a closed bottle of beer if you shake it.
He pulls a water bottle from his knapsack and takes a long, slow swig.
He reaches for what appears to be a water bottle, then curses.
There's no way that the government can put the genie back in the bottle for those of us who have raced ahead of feared regulation.
Each bergamot-scented bottle is engraved with a pint-size pooch leashed by a gal in eggplant-colored cowboy boots.
She also helped to define its packaging, choosing for a sleek flip-top bottle inspired by the house's iconic lighters.
They have been doused in vinegar that may have been recycled from the gherkin bottle.
And some have said it's a genie they didn't want to let out of the bottle.
Go back downstairs to the bodega and buy canned tuna and a bottle of mayonnaise.
Parading musicians, in blackface, carry a coffin containing a bottle of whiskey.
Not a beer or a bottle of wine in sight-not anywhere backstage, not even in the catering room for the crew.
It turned out she had a bottle open behind the counter, and she let me taste a bit.
When and why sloe gin became the bottle of choice for teenagers looking to get looped is not only unknown but incomprehensible.
Spritz inside oven generously with spray bottle and close door.
And the pourers and lids are color-coordinated so you can tell at a glance which drink is in which bottle.
Its complexity rivals the finest gins on the market, some of which cost four times as much as a lowly bottle of vodka.
Also that the lettering and wheel engraving on the bottle are absolutely right for the period.
She didn't look into his eyes, and she drank only a tiny sip before going into the kitchen to fetch a bottle of water.
For your trouble, we'll send you and your kids some spinach or jalapeño peppers-and maybe even a bottle of nasal spray.
Her voice is high-pitched, as if she had been hitting the helium bottle.
We did the demonstration with the two liter bottle full of water with three covered holes on the side.
Pour bottle of cachaça over cooled fat and sausage and set bottle aside.
On film, many a desert-island castaway has put a message in a bottle and cast it out to sea, hoping it would someday reach land.

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