bots in a sentence

Example sentences for bots

Eye-bots take a look around and locate interesting objects.
Foot-bots then give hand-bots a ride to places identified by the eye-bots.
In fact outside of using the bots, if they were to simply play the game and sell the items gained, it would be good business.
No ranters and ravers, script bots, or clandestine political operatives allowed.
Bots, the millions of compromised computers remotely controlled by crooks, are doing more than spreading spam and phishing.
The century bots to crawl around and shoot with you is a lot of fun.
And their circles also were inflated with ciphers and bots.
Consumers demand more and fancier computer functions, creating more spaces for viruses and bots to hide.
Obviously transport bots are only a small step in the journey to fully automated warfare where no humans are involved on our side.
In these, bots carrying cameras trek down narrow-diameter pipes hundreds of meters underground to search for survivors.
Similar bots may one day clear clots in blood vessels.
These robots might become mobile smart pills that dispense drugs deep within the human body, or tiny repair-bots for machinery.
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