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Example sentences for bothersome

These beetles are especially bothersome on roses and peonies.
And if air quality problems in your area continue to be bothersome, consider picking up and moving.
It is bothersome to think of the possible benefits that your disclosed and continued work could have produced.
Airport security could be made less bothersome for low-risk travellers, but privacy concerns remain.
Certifications seem less bothersome because it is not implicit from many positions that certifications have been earned.
The problem for many is that reading from a computer screen all day can cause bothersome eyestrain.
They are painless but can be bothersome because you are so aware of the bumps in your mouth.
The story is laughably incoherent, which would be less bothersome if the movie were not also so unremittingly pretentious.
The bothersome thing about uranium and plutonium is that a little goes such a long way.
Pack plenty of bug repellent, as mosquitoes remain bothersome all summer long.
Obstreperous youths may be bothersome, but unless obstreperousness turns into real danger to life and property, it is only that.
Gradually the rest of the campus is then shut off from bothersome protest and agitation.
So for me that excess cold coffee at the bottom of the pot became a bothersome reminder.
Of course there was also that bothersome honking ruining the illusion.
And it seems safer and has fewer bothersome side effects than previous medicines prescribed to lift people out of depression.

Famous quotes containing the word bothersome

Are we not also married to conscience which we would love to get rid of often enough since it is more bothersomemore
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