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It takes resources to digitize books, and some books are simply not worth the trouble for publishers to bother.
It doesn't bother me that they use the info to place targeted ads.
Why bother learning what you are doing when your co-workers will range from mediocre to down-right incompetent.
Why that should be is one of those questions that is so obvious that people rarely bother to ask it.
Some people think a flu shot isn't worth the bother.
Of course, there are benefits to living in cities, or people wouldn't bother.
Using a paintbrush will leave visible marks, which may or may not bother you.
Not all search chairmen bother to call and ask permission to make inquiries.
Few people will bother to learn a language on abstract or idealistic grounds, she says.
They generally bother people only when people bother them first.
If one would bother to look up for information, perhaps one could find some.
Nobody really bothers them, and they don't really bother anybody.
We didn't want to completely bother them at this time of year.
Children who'd seen that all beads activate the toy were far less likely to bother snapping apart the snappable bead pair.
But those deficiencies don't bother me all that much.
Mongolian officials do not bother to deny that the kidnapping happened.
It didn't bother me at first, but then the noise wouldn't stop.
Certainly he did not bother to ask anyone who uses models to make a living in the market place.
Dormant oil sprays will control pear psylla and various other pests that may bother pear trees.
In practice, though, backup services don't bother to sniff out offenders.
Don't bother discussing what you will conclude if your data don't turn out exactly as you expect.
Don't bother bringing a telescope or binoculars though, because the meteors move too quickly.
Rosemary does get woody with age, and that used to bother me.
Thing that people don't bother with, that need technological improvement, which makes a big difference.
He didn't even bother to send a reply to my message.
No prizes for guessing which form of opposition caused more bother.
Those unnatural postures don't seem to bother the rest of us, though.
It might bother the neighbors but then again all our natives do, lol.
We have a provost on campus who has told us to send disruptive students to him, not even to bother confronting them.
The whales hanging out below don't even bother much with breathing.
That's the easy way, if you don't want to bother with deep frying.
If you don't, or you can't tell the difference, don't bother.
In that case, the student doesn't bother to fill out the necessary paperwork.
These days many no longer bother making the trip to the capital.
For those who don't want to bother with the real thing, one plant makes plastic flowers.
Perhaps wild rooks are not presented with a need to use tools, and so don't bother.
Don't bother ordering a big plate, too much food, too expensive.
People don't bother to read the results of the experts because they don't want to have to make any effort to change.
It is a good example of a solution for keeping damage to the corals and bother to the animal life to a minimum.
If you can't find a high-wing plane then don't bother going.
We asked him if he felt bad, and he said it didn't bother him, as far as the toxic part of it.
He's a little late for lunch, but don't bother clearing the sidewalks, because nobody is flagging him down for autographs.
So you're basically saying: don't even bother trying to get post-doc at all.
It's important to let people know what parts of your work you won't change, so they won't bother criticizing it.
Personally, the lack of a thank you note doesn't bother me.
Perhaps it isn't a bad idea that they do--why bother starting new ones year after year.
Sometimes the games' names don't even bother to hide where the original idea came from.
They can't see through metal, so don't bother checking your truck or under the hood for these.
This, though, is unlikely to bother the fish either way.
We are high-margin businesses, and we're up against folks who want the money but don't want to bother with journalism.
In other cases, they did not even bother to go through that charade.
By the way, the second interviewer did not even bother to send me a rejection letter, not even an e-mail rejection.
Farmers whose trees are teeming with weaver ants, however, do not need to bother with any of this.
These are supplied by an ecclesiastical talent agency complete with fake ordination papers, should anyone bother to ask.
Fisher's new astronaut colleagues would bother to disagree.
Why bother farming next year if the harvest rots this year.
Why bother trucking nothing next year because the farmers gave up on planting.
Now, it's something completely different, which doesn't bother me much.
He does not bother himself with the morals of anything.
Doesn't bother, that is, with verses or choruses or lyrics.
If you're perfectly happy with the buds that came with your iPod, don't even bother.
But don't bother looking for flying pigs, because the unprecedented silence is only temporary.
Because domestic plans feature unlimited data, few users bother to track the amount they send and receive.
If you don't need a permanent address, don't bother paying for one.
Only the people conducting the government research didn't bother to use a control group.
And yes this is not for science to bother with for now.
It is so good that there is really little need to bother dismembering whole fresh rabbit.
If you'd bother to look at the real problem you'd see why the bottom billion remains poor, why they cannot get ahead.
If consumers think that companies are all charging the same price, then they won't bother searching.
Many plants, however, opt for a simpler approach-they make their seeds without going to the bother of having them fertilised.
Not surprisingly, the bank did not bother to collect deposits, and many borrowers did not bother to repay their loans.
Today's mobile-phone businesses may be too busy getting people to talk to bother much about talking machines.
Today shoppers can find low prices and infinite choice online, so fewer bother to drive to an out-of-town hypermarket.
Even if you never bother with fashion shows, go to this one.
But in those early days there were not many bootleggers and the police did not seem to bother much about them.
In fact, you don't even have to bother getting out of bed.
It doesn't bother him one bit that she has two kids already, by two different fathers.
Whatever you do, don't bother cooking from these books.
When he was in power, you met people and you didn't bother to find out what their views were.
Actually, don't bother looking through the medicine cabinet.
Eventually, the bully will probably get bored with trying to bother you.
Don't bother marketing to the wrong buyers or sending the right buyers promotions they'll never see.
In this case, it seems to me, the feds didn't even bother to fully justify what they had already decided to do.
Of course, if the markets do become accurate enough at predicting elections, none of us need bother to vote.
Senior military officers no longer bother to promise victory.
No photographer today would bother cruising the bush with trained leopards to fake a sunset shot.
The league didn't know the extent to which concussions were harmful, but only because it didn't bother to properly investigate.
It doesn't have much incentive to bother acquiring the third-biggest mobile service provider.
The fact that it has strayed from the original idea doesn't bother me greatly.
Hantaviruses don't seem to bother their rodent hosts.
Whatever it was, it didn't seem to bother him too much.
If that's the security system that's going to be in place, then don't bother at all with censorship.
The males are driven to mate with the impostors but after a few rejections, they soon learn not to bother.
What's even worse is that they never bother to tell you about the side effects or the withdrawal problems, and there are plenty.
In a way, it doesn't bother me that it is taking so long to get this work done.
Scientists aren't sure why the flies bother to cut off the head.
Therefore it is meaningless and useless to even bother pondering such a thing.
Don't bother to follow the links to the photographers actual page to see how its done.
When their partner couldn't grab their end of the rope, they were far less likely to bother.
No idea if it will turn out to be remnants of life, though the idea doesn't bother me either way.
He thought he could also predict the point at which the cost exceeded the benefit and the helper wouldn't bother.
The astronauts are too busy with their scientific chores to bother with anything else.
Trust me, he says, them originals ain't worth the bother.
They didn't even bother changing the shape of the radiator grille.
Those were the days when anyone who was cool didn't bother to attend the ceremony.
If it bothered him, it might also bother a customer.
Some snipers didn't even bother leaving the compound.
They don't bother with proper safety seats when their kids are in other people's cars, study finds.
Remember, if you do not bother the snakes, they will not bother you.
Try dairy foods that have less lactose than milk, as they may not bother your stomach as much.
Find out what triggers your asthma and get rid of things that bother you at home and at work.
Many people might show concern but never bother to change settings to protect their privacy.
If the object is to replace ethanol in gasoline, why bother.
It's a time for change, and while this may bother you, don't over think it.
Some don't even bother with lawyers and pore over thick legal tomes so they can file their own lawsuits.
Don't bother with the adorable things you find at boutique cooking stores.

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