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Example sentences for botch

Vance and the spectacular botch that his office has made of this case.
Botch a few of those decisions and you will come to know the true meaning of misery.
Governments that botched it were equally likely to botch the management of state-owned firms.
It begins when two inept robbers botch a heist at a tobacco store.
But the chairman even managed to botch the final sell.
Users often botch the backups, or overwrite important tapes, he explains.
With overwhelming proof that even the pros can botch a start, beer-can racers everywhere rejoiced.
It is another botch in his life, soon to be followed by his transparent considerations of suicide.
You'd be surprised at how many people botch this question.
If you are being recorded or taped and botch an answer, simply begin the answer again.
If you botch up your probation, you get your probation taken away.
Viewed in the large, then, the modern political campaign seems a botch.

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