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In this way pranks can be a relatively nonthreatening way to mock bosses, leaders and others in charge.
When you know the truth, and realise your bosses want only lies, your only option is to leak.
He straw bosses our dogs when they bark, telling them to go outside.
They walked away, and then thought better of that and called their bosses.
The problem is not the audience, but one's bosses and colleagues.
It was a sight to make the bosses hug themselves with glee.
As for its working him to its uses-the bosses knew better.
Its back was corrugated and ornamented with ungainly bosses, and a greenish incrustation blotched it here and there.
Clarity about what your bosses expect is essential to your ability to take independent action.
Many colleges draft learning agreements to be signed by campus-based supervisors, internship bosses, and students.
Much has been written in the corporate world on the topic of difficult co-workers and bosses.
And his bosses are more impressed by his ratings than by grumbles from critics.
Certainly people outside of academe can have bad relationships with their bosses.
Supposedly her bosses, up the bureaucratic chain, wanted to know what kind of contributions she might make over the years.
When you get out of grad school, your job won't be cushy and without some tough co-workers or bosses.
If bosses want to improve performance, the solution is not micromanagement.
Bosses for life aren't used to being down in the polls.
Computerized sleeves may soon allow manufacturing bosses to monitor and record workers' moves and mine them for efficiency data.
Another rationale is to preserve everyone's ability to throw out wild-eyed ideas that diverge with their bosses' prerogatives.
It's fine if employees want to initiate the friend process with their bosses.
Granted, bosses and parents have every right to track their employees or spawn, but it makes them douches if they do.
The same study found that although golfing bosses are paid more, they do not produce better results for shareholders.
Departing bosses can play a big role in recruiting internal successors.
But they often manage to put a dent in bosses' pay packets.
To regain the trust of both customers and employees, the board has appointed two new bosses.
Executives typically stick with one company for life and bosses are promoted from within.
The debate over executive pay is likely to heat up over the next few months, fuelled by disclosures of bumper bonuses for bosses.
All yakuza members, including bosses, must pay monthly dues to their syndicate.
Industry bosses lobby the summiteers from their headquarters in a nearby luxury hotel.
Bosses, of course, can get rich on this kind of indentured servitude.
But they need to keep alive, they have bosses, and they need money to keep living.
Not surprisingly, some people wanted to vent about subpar bosses.
Teachers need protection from over-zealous bosses and ideological politicians.
Public servants owe loyalty to the people, not their bosses.
Bosses whose pay was capped poured their energy into building personal empires instead of personal fortunes.
Teachers and bosses often inadvertently guide people to their real callings.
We don't have to go back to the old system in which party bosses chose the candidates.
Anonymous librarians from all over post stories of bad behavior on the part of their patrons and bosses.
It isn't all milk and cookies for company bosses, though.
There was nothing noble about the regime of party bosses that the system of caucuses and primaries replaced.
She preferred to befriend cooks, housekeepers, and secretaries rather than their bosses.
Jamaicans swore that their hours were routinely shorted by the ticket writers, who reported to the field bosses.
Kate runs into one of her secret-agent bosses and bitterly mentions that she has yet to be paid for her spy duties.
He poured them into letters, diaries, and lengthy memoranda to his colleagues and bosses among the powerful.
Zenia is a tough lady, fiercely loyal to her bosses, and good dinner company.
The editor was actually intrigued by the idea, and he took it back to his bosses.
These were the professors, bosses, friends and mentors of todays climate scientists.
The familiar voice is the prerogative of street sweepers and top bosses.
Bosses may be an overbearing breed, but more often than not, you've got to admire their business chops.
Plenty of companies sue ex-employees who bash their former bosses.
Especially when your bosses are conducting the interview.
They stayed in boarding and rooming houses, often owned by the bosses, and bought their supplies at the bosses' stores.
Farmers enjoy having variety in their work, providing the world with food and fiber, and being their own bosses.
The use of power tools may damage the battery box bosses.
There is a crew boss and three squad bosses who supervise the actual work the crew does.
What apparently happened was that one of the bosses had discovered some gas near the roof of the mine tunnel.
And have nowhere to turn, especially if your old bosses kind of want you dead.
Bosses, triggermen and mobsters caught in the crosshairs.

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