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Let's say a boss gives a task to two employees, one creative and one a memorizer.
Rarely are employees celebrated for poking fun at the boss.
It's been interesting to learn how readers view the boss.
Most people spend a major chunk of their waking hours at work, where often the boss looms large.
If you're trying to convince your boss to let you telecommute, you quickly run into a data problem.
We don't spend eight hours a day at one site with a pesky boss constantly looking over our shoulders.
The truth is the bully boss could not exist in the workplace without the leadership condoning the behavior.
Fall asleep at your desk for five minutes---then the boss gets mad.
Your boss wants to talk to you, and pulls out a cell phone to retrieve a map of your location.
But much of this advice also applies to e-mails you might send to colleagues or to your boss.
Everything changes after the game's first boss fight, however.
During our lunch, the big boss listened to my tales and asked appropriate questions.
They had not imagined that their boss might be reading such juicy tidbits.
In each level, one of these caves holds a boss monster.
She enrolled there after her boss promised to promote her if she took some accounting courses.
When your boss gives you a new computer that's twice as fast as the old one he is tricking you.
It ended up with a big feud, me telling my boss that he can't do science, and me being fired.
Some employee there is probably tasked with reporting to the boss what the people are saying.
It is no longer enough for a corporate boss to be clever and good at giving orders.
Your boss has begun to display a pattern of irrational behavior, and it is putting a strain on people in the office.
It was going to be based not far from where the submarine corps was and he thought the boss might be interested.
He no longer has to try to dominate the pack because he now knows he is not the boss.
When he graduates with a two-year degree in construction management, he says, his boss will promote him.
It depends on your working relationship with your current boss.
And if your boss hates you, we'll teach you how to suck up so he'll be your best friend forever.
My boss ignored my parting advice and my successor has increased the number of recruiting trips.
Tell your boss about the situation from the beginning, and ask for advice.
Yes, they do gossip and harm the reputation of a boss instead of hitting him.
You're drinking coffee and talking to your boss on a cellphone, practicing your pitch.
Chalmers also marvels at the fact that the ants have no boss.
Thankfully, his physician was my boss who had hired me to help her with an animal model of the disease.
We even have two cats that regularly boss her around and coexist peacefully with her.
HP has appointed yet another superstar boss from outside.
As boss, he bears responsibility for their mistakes, so sometimes he speeds their training with his boot.
The goal was far nobler than finding out what your boss really thinks of you or what is going on in the neighboring cubicle.
My boss had conducted a study with married medical students which showed the caloric cost was not large.
Boss finally measures with his own and grudging concedes you re right.
Sometimes company's technology choices change in an instant, with a casual word dropped from the boss.
The boss should always get the blame, and this is no exception.
To the extent that a college degree is signalling, it's not worth getting if you're going to be your own boss.
The boss abruptly and without any warning cut the program and left me unemployed.
How you think of yourself affects your behavior if you happen to be the boss.
Always a boss and never a worker, always a liar, always a thief and never caught.
My boss brings in a sub during our daily meetings and chomps it right in our face.
He also told friends that she did not treat him with the respect a boss deserved and had tried to discredit him.
Caters for a barbecue joint and lives in a shed behind his boss's house.
The few reporters at their pods silently watched their new boss as she walked by.
But no, she pushes him away, telling him that she doesn't believe in dating the boss.
If your own income consisted solely of what you were able to beg from a fickle and inscrutable boss, you would wheedle too.
She earned a reputation as a contentious, domineering boss.
In the courtyard of a two-story building, the secretary asked us to wait downstairs while she went up to check with her boss.
He wants freedom to be the boss of his own office or at the operating table and to practice as best he can.
In fact, he suggested, he finds both strains in his former boss and doesn't see many contradictions.
Compensation is what the boss pays to have you work.
If you think it is tough being a parent, try being the boss of your children, too.
My first day on the job, my boss asked me to visit organizations co-sponsoring our phone service.
After all, the show centers on a bumbling boss and his interactions with a workplace team of geeks, kiss-ups and slackers.
In our society the boss is kind of the servant of everybody.
It wouldn't immediately tip your boss off to your status as a gamer.
Wait until the boss goes out of the room, however, and you can slide out the panel with the game buttons.
Say you spend four hours fighting a boss where you have to perfectly time your attacks while dodging flame and giant rock fists.
My boss came by one day and told me my site was getting a huge number of views.
Most decisions are by consensus rather than a single leader's vision, with the exception of when the founder is the boss.
Weakness in a boss does not normally make a firm seem stronger.
The new boss will also have to decide whether to pare back the fixed-income operation and if so by how much.
The workers ran to find their boss, who hurried to a radio and made the first call.
If you work in an office where there's a sense that calling in sick will be frowned upon, bring it up to your boss.
It's true of bar brawls and wars and disagreements with your boss.
My clients are not happy with me, and neither is my boss.
Your boss has a big influence on your career trajectory.

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