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We've been borrowing them from other cultures for centuries.
It's an example of what evolutionary biologists call exaptation: borrowing an old body part for a new job.
Borrowing a trick from the textile industry, though, could provide a solution.
But in the long term, other costs would add up: the cost of borrowing money, higher wages and currency changes.
Yet even if the markets agree to finance deficit spending, large-scale borrowing might not be wise.
So they might discover early on, for instance, that being given something is different from borrowing it.
He mistakes borrowing mathematical tools from one field to basing your theory on that field.
So let's talk about the brain's dark energy, obviously a term that the neuroscientists are borrowing from the physicists.
For such kind of borrowing as this, if it be not bettered by the borrower, among good authors is accounted plagiary.
How far this borrowing may make against his sincerity is matter for individual judgment.
It certainly showed no obligation and perhaps if borrowing is not natural there is some use in giving.
Several companies are on their way to demonstrating systems by borrowing heavily from oil and gas offshore platform technology.
Inflation was blamed on those wanting more money and cured by borrowing from those with more then they needed.
The alternative to cuts is borrowing money that you cannot pay back, unless you devalue the currency, or go bankrupt.
But we're in a different historical moment now: the perils of too much borrowing have never been clearer.
Addicts were always borrowing against royalties, and they were always behind on paying back the money.
Over the next three years, she went into a kind of borrowing frenzy.
The government is borrowing more, but consumers and businesses are borrowing less.
First, consumers face huge debt left over from the borrowing spree of the past decade.
It's not an open-and-shut case of creative borrowing, but the resemblance is striking.
Likewise, in the land of borrowing, there's good debt and bad debt.
Employers large and small know that today's excessive borrowing will be tomorrow's tax hikes and interest-rate increases.
Crucially, the overall size of the fiscal multiplier also depends on how people react to higher government borrowing.
Rising interest rates will make new borrowing more expensive.
Governments have been propping up the world economy with a borrowing spree of their own.
It is equally nonsensical to see saving as an intrinsically virtuous activity and borrowing as an essentially dubious one.
But he also accepts that the government cannot go on borrowing at such high interest rates.
They have stampeded into the bond markets to take advantage of low borrowing costs and push out refinancing dates while they can.
Credit-worthy governments can boost demand directly by borrowing and spending.
The state's efforts to reduce legitimate lending to cool the economy mean that illegal borrowing is likely to have grown.
Also weird is that while borrowing from one language to another is common, borrowing grammar is not nearly as common.
Slashing interest rates would help to prop up house prices and encourage households to keep borrowing and spending.
Colleges have been using swap contracts to reduce their borrowing costs and keep their debt costs predictable.
Many indicated that the availability of grant aid and an aversion to borrowing were also important factors.
If you own a home, borrowing against your home is probably better than federal loans.
He said more students today were borrowing money for law school-and in larger amounts.
Be explicit about the similarities and differences in citing and quoting, paraphrasing, and borrowing.
Borrowing from the design of the human brain, some memory actually lies along the pathways between processors.
Our students tend to be independent students, so their parents aren't paying or saving or borrowing on their behalf.
Of course, if the feds install a debt-to-starting salary-cap for student borrowing, only the rich will attend college.
Borrowing tens of thousands of dollars for a substandard nursing degree, for example, is a bad idea.
So what a preceding generation had done with their actual income, the current generation has had to do by borrowing.
That's important to note because it tells you consumers are borrowing money to make debt payments.
My main point is that the contribution made by aid cannot have exceeded the avoided cost of borrowing.
More often than not, the apparently token effort to disguise a borrowing functions as a pointer to it.
It is not supposed to use its borrowing power to erect office towers.
Deficits are financed by borrowing money that would otherwise be unspent.
Virtually every government in the world is borrowing heavily in order to stimulate the economy.
Without growth, countries used to borrowing get into trouble.
With strong growth, unemployment and borrowing costs go down.
Future government borrowing on this scale may well crowd out other private borrowing, meaning lower rates of investment iv.
Thus, all our strength and success in the work of our hands depend on our borrowing the aid of the elements.
As of midnight tonight, the government's statutory borrowing authority will be exhausted.
Taxes hikes and spending cuts will have to come before too long, as the nation's borrowing must slow.
To ignore that is to confuse mere borrowing from the future with actual profit.
There was no sign of anything worth calling a plan to curb borrowing faster than in the budget.
With lower borrowing costs, households and businesses would probably spend more money.
It could if the government borrowing was having an adverse negative effect on the economy in some way.
So while he fixes the motors, the villagers scrounge for the money, usually borrowing from friends and family.
Interest rates go down-for mortgage loans, credit-card debt, and commercial borrowing.
Federal borrowing is affected both by policy decisions and by economic conditions.
Information on getting a library card and borrowing and returning materials.
When they happen it means people and businesses have trouble borrowing money.

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