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Yet, his lawyer now says, he was forced to borrow millions.
Smaller companies have found it more difficult to borrow money.
For starters, the current sluggish economy has choked tax revenues and made it difficult and expensive to borrow money.
Then again, maybe the program will continues to borrow tidbits of plot and setting from stories we've already seen.
Borrow binoculars from the visitor center, which also offers exhibits about the site's ranching history.
Only two months ago, it seemed as if almost any company could borrow money at low interest rates.
Borrow a big piece of luggage instead of buying one.
The farmers are too poor to buy such inputs, and they lack the collateral to borrow.
As a bonus, it'll be easier to borrow a charger when in need.
For those shares, brokers are expected to make sure they can borrow before selling short.
Capitalism collapses if the owners of capital suddenly refuse to let others borrow it.
The fits is easily adjustable, meaning letting a friend borrow it and readjusting it is quick.
At any rate, we've had several other people borrow it and it worked for them as well it certainly beats getting drugged up.
To borrow a kit, an adult must leave a cell phone number and an e-mail address.
Excepting only the essential tools of your trade, buy or borrow only the following toys.
Most customers, he said, borrow his car in the early evenings and on weekends.
To borrow from a popular example: the rate of pirate decline correlates perfectly with an increase in global temperatures.
Luckily, our captain knows the barge pilot and arranges to borrow a spark plug.
And they seem to basically borrow this gene, this gene which may have helped to make us uniquely human.
Borrow a few tips from big-game hunters and golfers to learn how to gauge distances a little more accurately.
The way out, it has told staff, is to help clients to borrow from other lenders rather than to be a lender itself.
Borrow infrequently used items, or check secondhand stores for used options.
The feds are flat broke and almost at the limit of what they can borrow.
When people want to pay down debt, it's impossible to get them to borrow.
The weakest borrowers will simply be unable to borrow and spend as before.
It's cheaper than ever to borrow, but that's because no one wants to borrow.
People borrow money in your currency, and lend it in a currency with a higher interest rate.
And borrow and spend is much more politically correct.
Any student who forgets his or her non-graphing calculator can borrow mine.
But the only way they can do so is to borrow short and lend long.
Even the few popular fantasy stories in the mainstream today borrow from this vibe.
Bond ratings affect how much it costs the city to borrow money.
The folks you borrow the dog from may even be grateful and travel over the weekend.
As a critic and teacher, he wanted to feel free to borrow from anywhere and everywhere.
Whatever you do, don't borrow to pay for grad school unless you're going into a field with high-paying non-academic options hp.
Libraries are free to borrow an unlimited number of articles.
The government will borrow to fund a stimulus programme based on labour-hungry development projects.
Lax oversight did indeed allow financial firms to borrow far more than was prudent to make bets that have now gone sour.
It then becomes easier to borrow to buy homes, which pushes prices even higher.
Developing countries can borrow existing technologies from countries that have already become rich.
Second, people are much more likely to borrow to buy a home than to buy shares.
Households are already up to their neck in debts, and another rate cut might encourage them to borrow even more.
Long was lucky she got to borrow her costume, the only one the museum owns.
They lack creditworthiness to borrow, or savings to buy the inputs on their own.
The next time you have the impulse to buy a new book to read, borrow it from the library or a friend instead of buying a new copy.
Instead, it must maintain its consumption at a reasonable level and borrow from abroad, which means running a trade deficit.
Once, if you wanted to borrow money, you had either to visit a bank or to tap a rich friend or relative.
The government implicitly guaranteed their creditworthiness, enabling them to borrow at below-market rates.
Today, management again seems eager to borrow from the field of psychology.
And now they enjoy an implicit blanket guarantee of all their liabilities, allowing them to borrow cheaply.
So the sales gap suggests that debt-laden households are unable or loth to borrow.
In summary, people used not only all the technology they had, but all the technology they could borrow.
Too bad the developer didn't also borrow that game's clever use of open worlds that let you backtrack and explore freely.
It is a new instrument entirely, which happens to borrow the guitar's interface.
Many of these students borrow too much money and/or take loans with harsh terms they don't understand.
White was able to graduate debt-free, but some of the scholarship recipients do borrow to meet additional costs.
Second, borrow or transfer money from other accounts to make sure staff members get raises.
To borrow wisely, at the right time, is the key to many a business success.
And as our handiworks borrow the elements, so all our social and political action leans on principles.
Inflation is only a good way to get out of your debts if you aren't planning to borrow any more money.
They borrow money from new investors to raise the money they need to pay previous investors.
His spirit was habitually strung up to out-of-door pitch, to borrow his own expression.
So they would either need to pay shareholders less or borrow to invest more of their revenue for growth.
Telling people they cannot afford to borrow as much as they choose is unlikely to go down so well.
If the demand is there, companies will be able to go out onto the market and borrow to fill it.
There are laborers who would be glad to borrow the surplus bread, but they have no capacity to repay.
Forgiving such debts will teach the wrong lesson: borrow in haste, repent never.
It will also make it easier for companies to borrow money to pay for new factories, new workers, and higher wages.
Poor students and students of color borrow more than white students.
So every time they came it was to have a meal or a drink or to borrow money.
Interest rates for federal student loans won't change, nor will the limits on how much you can borrow.
Stay in a cabin if you cannot find used equipment or borrow from a friend.
They're making it easier to borrow money and more or less giving away land in order to help build the facilities.
If anyone is in need of some good last-minute wedding vows, you are welcome to borrow ours.
Depends but to borrow from sociobiology maybe their purpose is to replicate.
Perhaps it will have to go out and beg and/or borrow to get it finished.
The reality is that politics abhors a vacuum to borrow a phrase.
To borrow a phrase from someone else, to say otherwise is to declare a war on science.
The flood of liquidity made money readily available in mortgage markets, even to those who would normally not be able to borrow.
Most of the world's hardest-pressed cities simply can't pay for the investment themselves, and thus have to borrow the money.
The absence of a rating mattered little, as the last thing the city needed to do was to go out and borrow money from strangers.
Let him who sleeps too much borrow the pillow of a debtor.
She could no longer borrow from the future, to help her through the present grief.
He will do anything that he deems convenient-Borrow.
Not that such phantasmagoria are to be compared for a moment with such desirable things as fashion, fine clothes-Borrow.
The debt limit is the amount the government can borrow to finance its operations.
The football field, to borrow a phrase from sports-injury researchers, is an impact-rich environment.
If you needed money, you could borrow from the policy, tax-free.
Your ability to repay loans is so suspect that you could only borrow more by paying exorbitant interest rates to lenders.
The agency also, however, may be reducing the amount seniors can borrow from their homes.
Wear a fancy hat or borrow one from the restaurant for this holiday high tea service.
He was fabulously wealthy, but he would pretend to be broke, and often tried to borrow cigarettes and money from people.
Best of all, they also get to borrow large amounts of money from a special government fund that was previously closed to them.
They have many rich friends but he can't borrow from them.

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