borehole in a sentence

Example sentences for borehole

Cold water is pumped down a deep borehole and returns superheated to spin a turbine.
One solution would be to drill a second intersecting borehole before exploiting the site.
As an oil well is drilled casings are cemented in place at different depths to reinforce the borehole.
Hockey sticks are also seen in borehole, stalagmite and ice cores bing.
Sealing up the casing of a deep borehole is not easy.
Borehole seismic data can typically achieve a much higher signal-to-noise ratio than what is possible in surface seismic data.
Borehole quality deteriorates with time after drilling.
Borehole permeability tests are performed intermittently as the borehole is advanced.
When the primer is the first cartridge or one of the first cartridges to be loaded into the borehole, it is called bottom priming.
After meeting all regulatory criteria, the borehole geophysical and hydraulic data should guide the completion design.
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