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The continental model encourages less work at the cost of boredom.
But that's no excuse for allowing our attention to waver or letting boredom get the better of us at any stage of the process.
Intended to maintain calm, the ordinance succeeded in enforcing boredom.
My opinion: people drink in excess due to loneliness, boredom and/or escapism.
Consumerism is installed in communities living on subsistence and boredom abounds in affluent societies.
There is plenty of summer vacation season left on the calendar, and boredom may already be settling in around the house.
Avoid staying in bed for long periods of time while awake, or going to bed because of boredom.
His motivation as a teacher was that he loved what he taught and wanted others to find more than boredom in his field.
Most casual visitors will swear time has stopped dead, that the only thing growing faster than the wheat is boredom.
In addition, intelligent people tend to pursue new, stimulating experiences to stave off boredom.
Some walked out in boredom or disgust, according to the source.
The company says that the signs relieve the boredom on the long ride to the top.
For many students, the experience of school is dominated by large doses of boredom and anxiety.
There's an inherent trap in visual effects: staying one step ahead of audience boredom.
Other parts of the world have yet to discover the benefits of transnational committee-induced boredom.
If you're bored and looking for a new challenge, this ain't the way to fix your boredom.
Sure, you won't get shot walking the streets, but you will die of boredom.
The habit could be an act of boredom or play, experts say.
Of course, it's good to persevere with a book beyond the first moments of boredom or distraction.
Your chances of success would be small and your chances of dying of boredom would great.
War is bursts of destruction and loss followed by interminable days of boredom spent wondering who will be next.
But even then the low brain will not leave us alone for it will radiate boredom if time is not spent in pursuit of what it wants.
Others have sought to escape the boredom of retirement.
However wrapped up in sonorous stuff about synergy, plenty of mergers begin with sheer executive boredom.
Having some color in my tops saves me from worrying about using accessories to alleviate boredom.
Almost as silly as going to court over ten hours of boredom.
Playing virtual tennis and golf maintains his arm strength and prevents boredom.
Misanthropy was never so much fun, and the boredom of contemporary adolescence has rarely been so thrilling.
The two emotions, loneliness and boredom, are closely allied.
Finally, there are those who profess boredom at all this discussion even as they participate in it.
The sleep deprivation, isolation, boredom made it all the more worse.
The rest will be at various stages of boredom, frustration, or confusion.
As for the the argument that automation takes jobs and leads to violence through boredom.
People tend to over indulge in this drug hence eventually get addicted to it to escape from pain and boredom.
If you could change your perception about boredom, you could study longer.
Aberrant behaviour, often brought on by boredom, is not unusual in zoo animals.
The upshot is boredom, tension, depression and worse.
The new, more educated generation will not put up with the boredom and restrictions their mothers had to endure.
Once the country calmed down, chaos gave way to boredom.
The biggest problem in flying the airplane on a routine basis is boredom.
Half-maddened by boredom, they doubled their wagers.
She makes time crawl, and in doing so she arouses simultaneous feelings of boredom and awe.
Betraying no hint of boredom or resentment, he answered a succession of anodyne questions from reporters.
But, after a while, digital-spectacle boredom sets in.
It must be the result of boredom, of too much security, or something of this sort.
There is an axiom that war is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of terror.
Or to feel better, one might eat more, perhaps to stave off boredom.
To counter boredom and shore up recession-crimped finances, a retirement career can be a win-win.
In other words, it's taken in desperation or boredom by people who can't get real drugs.
Now, fighting has given way to boredom and routine as the troop surge has brought more stability to the valley.
They get a taste of how much adrenaline, boredom and uncertainty the rest of the year will bring.
In his boredom at his job as a postal clerk, he has opened a letter or two and learned some of the secrets of the townspeople.
He tends to be against boredom and in favor of the pursuit of nonsobriety.
Every day it's the same frozen and oppressive boredom.
Sometimes, the torment seems to have been driven by little more than boredom or cruelty, or both.
The field attracted eccentrics, obsessed misfits and colonial administrators driven nearly mad by boredom.
As this record is spread before the television cameras, it brings many words to mind, none of them boredom.
Boredom is your enemy, and it's often fertile ground for the ridiculous.
They're quite capable of doing that out of simple boredom or self-absorption.
Teens can beat summer boredom with fun destinations and activities accessible by transit.
Causes are seen to include the seeking of attention, escape from demands, and boredom.
If kept outside of the courtroom, children may endure boredom and discomfort in waiting areas.

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