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Booksellers get bored going to the same venue year after year.
There is no reason why you should be bored when you can be otherwise.
When she was about 12, Diggins got bored one day and decided to see what her dad's expensive music equipment could do.
She looks fretful, nervous and discontented, bored by her own anemia.
As it is said, the bored devil uses his tail to kill flies.
He makes no apologies except to say that he's breaking it off and, beside that, he's bored with their lives.
There were moments when I felt bored, useless, like my hands were tied.
Entrepreneurs often get bored with their fundamental business and business fundamentals.
You are terrified of being bored — so you turn on the television.
His mind bubbles with ideas, he is instantly bored and often laughing.
They are bored by experiments that work and prefer those that do not, those whose results make no sense at all.
He was now entirely bored and disillusioned by his imperial greatness.
Those who don't find their friends go home, or stay and are bored, and the whole party sags in consequence.
The marks of the ears having been bored for ear-rings would be considered proof of his being of barbarian origin.
Where he was once invigorated by work, he was bored and miserable.
Dieter triumphs over emotional eating, bored noshing.
Activities suitable for energetic toddlers and bored teenagers are plentiful.
Students who say they are frequently bored are more likely to do poorly on tests, according to some studies.
Most are lost or bored or both, trying their best to stay awake.
Bored by the past and future, he lives to party in an endless now.
As they become frustrated by their lack of progress and as their audiences start to get bored, they escalate their tactics.
They want to be lawyers, but they are bored by law courses.
Some students have told me that they valued those courses, and others have said they were bored.
Take these practices seriously and try to observe the points where audience members look bored or confused.
If you are bored and don't mind reading a few chapters for fun then this is worth doing.
Avoid the urge to go through the text page by page--it'll bog down and they'll be bored.
Three types of game play make sure you really know your stuff and never get bored.
He sits with his belly protruding over his thighs, chews ruminantly, and looks about with a bored expression.
Then she turns to regard us with a look of infinite and bored indifference.
They would clutch each other's mouths and stare, groan a couple of time and then walk away, feeling bored.
When a dog is constantly trying to run away, or escape your yard, it can mean the dog is bored or frustrated.
Huskies are easily bored because they're so intelligent they're notorious for chewing up the house.
There are so many adventures all in one story so you'll never get bored.
Above all, voters would be less bored and alienated, and thus make wiser choices.
But it will happen because humans will get bored by existence.
The poor are bored because their work is not much needed.
Some got bored and simply copied the results from one spreadsheet to the next.
When he does track down soothsayers he is disappointed or bored and worries about how much they are going to charge him.
Bored living alone in a little farmhouse, he came up with a model for a betting exchange.
As a result, those who learn more slowly are lost, and those who learn the fastest are bored.
The tunnels are bored by laborers operating big manually powered augers.
Normally, if the toy doesn't have wheels, he's immediately bored.
Those are people, evidently getting bored by whatever weapons display the kiosk hosts.
Other tests involving stimuli that bored and annoyed subjects all yielded the same results.
They simply get bored and begin to play out scenes from our memories.
We merely have to wait for the public to get bored and wish for the opposite.
But creative work requires solitude and extroverts get bored so they don't engage in creative works.
Following this, having to address a singular topic with full attention might leave one feeling underutilized or bored.
People who surrender their entertainment choices to the media industry inevitably become, in time, bored out of their minds.
They often seem bored by themselves, in both senses of the expression.
The problem doesn't seem to be that participants are bored and fooling around.
One differs from another so little that it's almost impossible not to be bored even by good ones.
Her range is limited, and she seems more bored in the role than anything else.
He knew what they would ask, when they would ask it, and he was bored.
He tells the story of the arrest with determined, slow speech--bored with the familiar narrative, still stunned by the details.
But since he did it to keep from being bored, no one thought it proved anything.
But for the last one and a half years in high school she was bored.
If there are readers who couldn't care less about the whole matter, they'll be bored.
And he never seemed bored by it all, even when it got boring.
She seemed desperate and bored, but many people he met were that way.
He always retrieves the thread of a conversation in a manner that's matter-of-fact or bored.
The legacy of such failures is the bored cynicism about government that has been a hallmark of the past decade.
And then when it did come, everyone was bored by it and sought distraction.
The brutal truth, though he often refuses to admit it, is that he gets bored more quickly.
Some get bored, others move, and still others have more pressing family obligations.
Sure you'll get bored with binoculars if that's all you look through, but not necessarily if that's all you own.
Which makes sense since many economists are washed out or bored physicists.
They might be bored or messing around because the tests are too difficult for them.
Eventually everyone gets bored and goes back to eating and lounging, ignoring the interlopers on the other side of the river.
After two or three interactions, the babies got bored with them.
We may go on a high- carbohydrate diet, then get bored with pasta and switch to a high-meat diet.
If a tree was alive, they bored out of it a pencil-size rod.
That's the first thing that bored its way into my skull.
And after doing the experiments they'd probably be bored with it after an hour.
Usually the chemists and geologists go out by themselves so they won't have bored biologists looking over their shoulders.
The band seems utterly un-bored playing the old songs.
She got all dressed up and felt excited before and after but was bored during their date.
No one gets bored by the sun coming up in the morning.
The necessity of having to be completely faithful to current events bored me, frankly.
Part of what the scientists were measuring, then, was how children reacted to the state of being bored.
They knitted together, switching projects when one of them got bored.
Everything in her parent's divorce was settled so amicably, however, that her friends were soon bored.
Comments on how the time seems too slow when we're bored and too quick when we're engaged.
It's the perfect amenity for any billionaire easily bored by old-fashioned static images.
The actual practice of medicine, on the other hand, either bored or disgusted him.
Not that he was bored by what he was doing, because our sport's unique: it's exciting when you play.
He wasn't made for that sort of stable relationship and got bored.
They consist of a series of huge back lots populated by listless and bored people.
Every ugly building and intersection seem to be named for one, and people are increasingly bored and sickened by the term.
Though he is a billionaire, with all the trappings that come along with it, he is almost bored by the accoutrements of wealth.
We're sick of him now and bored beyond exasperation.
Everyone was clearly bored by three seasons of hemming and hawing.
Business is flat, department stores an endangered species, customers bored.
Before you endure the usual groans from bored burger eaters among family and friends.
Muskets were smooth-bored, single-shot, muzzle-loading weapons.
Holes for lag screws shall be bored with a bit no larger than the body of the screw at the base of the thread.

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