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The northern boreal forest is certainly not as diverse as the tropics.
They can be thousands of times bigger than boreal bergs, closer to the size of a small state than a large ocean liner.
The tundra wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf, and is found in the boreal forests of the world.
There are several trails at the park entrance, weaving through the boreal forest around small lakes.
Southeastern birds are smaller and slightly grayer below than boreal and northeastern birds.
Its gentler slopes are upholstered in boreal greens.
Breeding: mainly boreal forests, a few in mixed or deciduous forests and conifer plantations.
Breeding: stunted boreal bogs and in open country near tree line, especially in willows and alders.
The park spans a slender transition zone between the northern boreal forest and the southern aspen parkland.
Most of the trees in the boreal include conifers along with some white birch and aspen.

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