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Another yeast-raised cake to our liking has a flat center, a braid around the edge, done as a fancy border.
Border patrol agents are a far cry from fingerprint experts.
We had less than a half dozen border patrol agents and a few customs officers at the border.
Ferns hostas and hydrangeas border a handmade rock waterfall.
The request also revealed the screening system includes inspection notes from earlier border inspections.
But my experience is the even border on abhorrence and in the best of cases a total indifference.
Plants see-through quality makes it suited for foreground as well as back of border.
In the absence of convection, a slow exchange of air occurs across the tropospheric-stratospheric border.
Good for shaded border near pools or in partially shaded rock gardens with fuchsias and begonias.
Well-behaved, decorative thistle relative for the perennial border.
The border crackdown has been therapy for a nation spooked.
Talk of the border these days tends to focus on how much more difficult it has become for goods or people to cross it.
Human rights should be not be confined to local citizens or stop at the border of any country.
These behaviors are what led many to think of viruses as existing at the border between chemistry and life.
It appears to be a case of border security gone wrong.
So the ice at the border has no option except to break off in large chunks.
Everyone has certain oddities that could border on mental illness.
Each column wants to exit the border of the rectangle on the side opposite from where it comes.
Bright colors and dramatic forms make dahlias an exciting addition to the summer border.
Many of these original trees and shrubs still stand, retaining the regional flavor of the border.
Add a little rice to fill out the meal, or pile the pork and slaw on tortillas for a scrumptious south-of-the-border dinner.
Treat them as the backbone of a border combined with perennials, annuals, and herbs.
Equally useful in groups as an informal screen or singly in a mixed shrub border.
Ferns, hostas, and hydrangeas border a handmade rock waterfall.
At the northeastern border of the park is the former home of another dreamer.
If you forgot to make arrangements from home, you can still buy insurance at the border, usually at slightly higher rates.
Even with heightened security, getting over the border is easy, and thousands of people cross back and forth each day.
It may almost be described as a kind of prolonged and glorified border ballad.
The anterior border articulates with the spine of the frontal bone and the crest of the nasal bones.
The free border is convex, and is directed toward the ureter.
The medial border extends from the lesser tubercle to the medial epicondyle.
Season highly with salt and paprika, and turn into a border mould.
Kids learn about border-spanning ecosystems and take actions to help them.
My route sometimes took me to a village along the border.
Border security and immigration control are federal responsibilities.
If you have enough help when you get across the border, it might be a cheaper way to go, even with towing a vehicle.
We are always looking for folks who have not completely walked away from the discipline, but are border-dwellers.
It's not easy for such a device to cross any serious border, but the theoretical threat remains.
The melodious cries of street vendors also cross the fuzzy border between speech and song.
When suspects turn away or reel, cops or border-security agents can nab and handcuff them.
And bacterial infections are a constant threat at the warm, nutrient-filled border between gums and teeth.
His plan was to plant wheat in the triangle, then border each side with a square filled with pine trees.
He has the first molecular data that definitely indicate there was a border or barrier there.
Now dragging and scrolling have texture, and every brush with an icon or window border yields a bump.
In fact, a large number of scientific discoveries are or border upon accident.
And then there are the drug gangs, who have been waging a terrifying war that has a way of spilling across the border.
Don has crossed that border too, falling into the trench.
It was a good scene, on the border between tough-to-watch and enjoyable.
And it's mainly caused by events outside the border.
She also contributed, however unwillingly, to the wrong side of a violent war raging across our southern border.
It's a unique combination, on the border between fact and fiction.
Fill pastry bag with reserved buttercream and pipe a decorative border around top and bottom of cake.
After all that border hopping you'll probably need a drink.
Border security is paramount to protecting our homeland.
Border crossings are potential bottlenecks in the freight transportation network.
Bred to herd sheep, the border collie thrives on moving.

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