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Example sentences for booty

His crew, sensing trouble, asked him where the booty was buried.
And the true booty is the camaraderie that comes with joining a select clan of people who step up to such a singular challenge.
They have found a position in the game from where they can suck immense amount of illegitimate booty.
The survivors will get the spoils, but the booty looks unappealing.
Music and movie pirates may not be the only ones trolling peer-to-peer networks for booty.
Booty is no longer paraded through the streets alongside captives in chains.
They then sold their booty to foreign companies, making a huge profit.
Maybe it's high time he returned some of his ill-gotten booty to the people.
Their dignitaries and their booty were welcome to the west.
All of these meeting are nothing but political fights for what is left of the booty.
On the other hand, the booty from one's own wedding makes me question that philosophy.
They got away with their booty before the villagers who had been awakened by the sound of the explosion could reach the scene.
Well all that's left is to distribute the consolation booty.
In this period of some pretty excessive fashion statements, imitating a maharajah's booty seems a perfectly normal way to go.
For single people, that overindulgence might manifest itself as drunk-dialing an ex-lover or an ill-advised booty call.
He had to be acquainted with meteorology and know enough fluid dynamics to make sure he didn't overload his ship with booty.
The hoard may have been ransom, or booty, or a votive thanks.
The ant then drags her booty home to a nest in the rain forest leaf litter composed of only a dozen or so workers and their queen.
From the outset, the museum as collected booty had its justifications as well.
He listens until the foraged booty tells him what it wants to be.
It does not entirely cool off and get soberly to work till it has made two or three trips home with its booty.
The wolf loped off with his booty, the dog running after and overtaking him in the darkness.
So for the swift-winged hounds of the air he provided a booty.
And then she did it again onstage with her big booty backside.
There was plenty of interplanetary booty to be nabbed.
They defeat the bad guys and get an interstellar drive as booty.
To qualify, the booty must have been hidden long enough so that the owner is probably dead.
Many groups play for prizes rather than cash, but a few have begun sharing the booty further afield.
The desperadoes board the locomotive with their booty, command the engineer to start his machine, and disappear in the distance.
Search for booty and compete against other teams in a scavenger hunt.

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