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Example sentences for boots

Bring water-plus your hiking boots and mountain bike.
We are supposed to quake in our boots at this and immediately concede to their wishes.
Wearers' feet go into boots attached to a series of metal tubes that run up a leg to a backpack.
It was the one unscathed part of his body thanks to his heavy boots, and the only place the doctor could find a vein.
He is dressed in grey corduroy trousers pushed into high laced boots, and a blue flannel shirt with a bright colored tie.
My boots and chair and candlestick are fairies in disguise, meteors and constellations.
They must give us food and boots and reinforcements, or soon there will be left only empty trenches.
The biologists wear a combination of medical and nautical gear, including surgical scrubs and rubber boots.
Astronauts have special boots to make them heavier and to have better grip.
Then requisitioned the boots he'd spray-painted white.
But now the tail of his blousy shirt, ensnarled in the cleats of one of the wardens' boots, became tattered and soiled.
Most of the scavengers had closed shoes and some kind of headwear, but only a few wore rubber boots and gloves.
We have a huge reach, and more boots on the ground helping developers around the world than any other mobile company out there.
When you go hiking, you wear a proper pair of hiking boots.
We took off our boots and stuffed our socks and belts in them.
She had this long dark hair and incredible eyes, and she had on boots that went to here.
Silently, he peeled off his worn sneakers, trading them for his white leather boots.
With more guys wanting the rough charm of boots without the rough look, shoe companies have responded.
When he walks down a street in his loosely laced hiking boots and baggy jeans, some people see a menace to society.
In the car boots will be laptop computers, cash-counting machines and pre-printed signs that can be stuck on the windows.
These little mortal coils lie everywhere, scrunching under my boots.
Already there are reports of workers slopping about in radioactive water wearing leaky boots.
Some firms are generating such a huge heap of cash that they need platform boots to see the top of it.
Workers wading through contaminated water complain that their boots have holes in them.
Predictive modelling will never be as valuable as lots of boots on the ground collecting reliable data, of course.
Trundling around the slippery path to the restroom in inflexible, moulded ski boots is far from comfortable.
As long as your boots are reasonably easy to take off and put on, wear your boots on the plane.
Their precision work and eye for detail create such highly prized items as blankets, saddles, hats and boots.
Her fur-trimmed boots in shades of gray were a delight, paired with tunics, dresses and cool sheer chiffon leggings.
Wear yours with jeans and boots or add a splash to your accessories with a plaid purse or even patterned shoes.
He grew long sideburns and wore cowboy hats and boots.
The first guy immediately drops to the ground and starts changing from his hiking boots into his running shoes.
There were soldiers on foot wearing only mud-caked underwear and with rags wrapped around their feet in place of boots.
Please include exchange policy, replacement offer for boots on backorder, and any type of warranty offered.
Applicant is a retail establishment that sells steel toed boots.

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