booting in a sentence

Example sentences for booting

They may ask you for your ideas, fishing for you to be the bad guy who puts the idea of booting the chair on the table.
When booting a long ridge line, skis can be carried diagonally, or a snowboard can be lashed vertically with horizontal option.
It tries to restart but never quite finishes booting.
But in booting out the landed gentry, it also ditched many of those who came from the provinces.
Such nonvolatile memory would change how people use their computers, doing away with those tedious minutes spent booting up.
There is no maximum rate for booting on private streets.
The critical growth stages for wheat are stem extension and booting.
All violators will be subject to ticketing, booting and towing.
Constantly booting and closing my system down will in time be no good for many of my components as you know.
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