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The left solid rocket booster continues to fly, still thrusting.
But it's being marketed as a booster for a kind of workout you won't find at the gym.
Consortium agronomists are growing plants such as ginseng, a reputed circulation booster, in wooded areas.
Bias intimidation is a sentence-booster that attaches itself to an underlying crime-usually, a violent one.
The thing is a dry battery with a booster coil, both so small that together they fit into the palm of one's hand.
But rare is the booster dedicated enough to take out a vanity plate.
Encouraging office chat invites the same over-sharing of information that turns email from a productivity-booster to a time-suck.
He was giving a blood, sweat, and tears booster shot.
If not stopped in time, with a booster shot of drugs, the destruction succeeds and the organ is rejected.
But prices are likely to keep falling this year, so economic recovery will lack one of its usual booster rockets.
Every kilogram saved in the payload's weight means a kilogram less thrust needed from the booster.
However, a plane offers several advantages over a throw-away booster rocket.
The combination of commercial launch systems and a heavy booster such as this makes for a bright future.
Also, not all vaccines provide lifetime immunity and booster shots are required.
They can be used to press flowers-or as a booster seat, door stop or laptop desk.
Many of them require multiple doses to get the immune system's attention or periodic booster shots to refresh its memory.
It will investigate, among other things, whether adding a booster shot later in life provides added protection.
Booster pumps are added as needed and are powered via the wires.
His generally outstanding health, aided by vaccinations and booster shots, may have given him a strong immune system.
But let's stretch our suspension of disbelief: say psilocybin is a miracle personality booster.
To be used before the booster or before the night cream, helping to plump out the wrinkles.
Another correspondent urges heaping doses of testosterone supplements, perhaps as a morale booster.
Booster pumps are added as needed and are powered via the wires.
If the booster fails the brakes work, if the antilock brake module fails they still work.
The multistage booster was conceived to solve this problem.
The first spring will sit between the first-stage solid fuel rocket booster and the second-stage liquid fuel booster.
There are booster separation motors, but they only fire for a short time to make sure the boosters fall away from the shuttle.
It was one of the panels from the booster rocket that separated when the crew went into their lunar trajectory.
It seems incredibly optimistic to me to launch actual useful satellites on the first launch of a new booster.

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In the small town each citizen had done something in his own way to build the community. The town booster h... more
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