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The rush of the water and the booming of the mill bring a dreamy deafness, which seems to heighten the peacefulness of the scene.
In the meantime, installations at new sites and retrofits to old ones are booming.
With the sector booming, there is much opportunity for growth in these countries and others now.
The agency's warning letter is a notable commentary on the booming enhanced beverage industry.
The tourist industry is also booming, resulting in new construction and an increasing human population.
Around this time, the global spice trading industry was booming.
Look for hidden bits of fresco, preserved mosaic flooring, and millstones for grinding grain back when business was booming.
It became a booming river port as steamships heading up or down the river stopped for supplies.
Once again oil has become the center for a booming economy, while the rest of the country struggles.
Trading volume on the major exchanges is climbing, while the merger market is booming.
Despite a resilient, even booming economy, peace and stability have rarely seemed so distant.
One year into his second term, his ratings have sunk for the first time below fifty per cent, despite a modestly booming economy.
But with today's prices consistently well above that, the practice is booming.
Its figures show that from autos to pharmaceuticals to computing and all manner of electronics, patent activity is booming.
Perhaps the booming siren put out by a radio galaxy, they reasoned, was a sign that the galaxy was newly forming.
It has a booming population that needs power and water.
Unlike the sales of everything else these days-morning lattes, pricey dinners, corporate jets-the sales of chocolate are booming.
The concert industry is indeed booming despite the downturn.
For private admissions consultants business is booming.
Particularly given that the subscription sales are booming right now.
Federal deficits were no longer being counterbalanced by a booming economy.
Some had booming industries that are waning or that have disappeared altogether.
The spotlights have to be on, the crowd can't be chatting, and booming sedans must be banned from the aisles.
The business of delivering health-related services to seniors at home is booming.
The series looks at the recently booming scrap metal industry.
Better, it was thought, to put your money into booming stocks or rapidly appreciating housing.
The market rose because the economy was booming, jobs were plentiful and stocks entered bubble territory.
Few economists expect the booming high-technology field to be an important source of new jobs: its productivity is too high.
The country's booming corporations began to require a college degree as a prerequisite for white-collar employment.
He has a booming voice and usually keeps the volume turned up.
One lucrative strategy is to take a big bet on a booming economy.
In particular, legal-process outsourcing is booming, as law firms parcel out some of their more basic work to reduce costs.
Construction is booming, thanks to government contracts, though funds often go missing.
Part of the reason for runaway executive pay is booming demand for staff, at all levels.
For now, booming growth in emerging economies explains the rosiness of the global recovery.
In good times, politicians only faced issues of distribution: how to spend the tax receipts from a booming banking sector.
However they are not likely to effectively restrain excessive lending to booming markets.
In order to be booming for tourism they must have a good reputation.
In the midst of this great recession, business is booming.
Given demographic inevitability, one would expect the field to be booming.
Global college rankings, and global for-profit universities, are booming.
The academic job market in history is supposed to be booming, thanks to a wave of faculty retirements.
But sometimes it is better to cut your losses, particularly in a booming economy when there are so many other jobs available.
Electronic text messaging is booming among college athletics recruiters.
When the economy is booming and demanding engineers, students obviously prefer an entry level job to a coop.
The economy is booming, health services expanding, literacy improving.
It has huge oil and gas exports, and a booming economy.
In the booming world of online poker, anyone can win.
Most quake researchers cull the whale's booming calls from their seafloor recordings.
With war in the air and a new market in homeland security booming, many private firms are looking to expand their government work.
Mortgage-backed securities in all their iterations and the booming commercial-real-estate market.
In the distance they could hear booming explosions and see columns of smoke.
From deep in the rain forest comes a low, booming sound.
In some areas, booming nutria populations have become troublesome as the animals develop a taste for farm fare.
The booming trade in exotic pets is creating huge problems for conservation biologists.
Scientists have recently learned of this bird's amazing booming call.
The coast was booming with thousands of vacationers and locals striving to beat the heat.
And they warn of further degradation from development related to the country's booming tourist industry.
But pollution and potential shortages are jeopardizing the farms and factories that drive the nation's booming economy.
Some have blamed intense fishing for the crash of these booming catches.
Jumps and charges at other males are interspersed throughout this booming activity.
There is double booming around the vessel and protective booming around local sensitive areas.
Despite the stagnation of record sales, the concert industry is booming.
At the time, housing markets were booming, and millions of dollars were being made in the investment and mortgage industries.

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