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Electronic books are still far too crude to replace ink and paper.
Coloring books developed by psychologists help kids avoid long-lasting emotional problems.
There seems to be a profusion of fabulous kids' books these days, including many engaging books on scientific topics.
It essentially throws books in a blender to see how the comparative phrases in different languages stick back together again.
They are books to cuddle up with, books that make you feel good and give you pleasure.
She has strong paranormal skills, and she puts them to good use by locating paranormal books for select clientele.
Dozens of good books have been written on the crisis, and several more land on my desk each week.
But these days few books by serving politicians sell well.
Contrary to the fashion of the day, she insisted that her books be small and cheap.
Any reluctant reader can be turned on with science books.
Reproductions in magazines and books could be garish or out of register.
Showcasing safety tips and proper equipment, these books are informative and action-packed.
As books make the leap from cellulose and ink to electronic pages, some editors worry that too much is being lost in translation.
That's why display makers are racing to bring color to the world of e-books.
Other features include text-to-speech for books to be read aloud, and a basic web browser.
But e-books are usually cheaper than their printed equivalents, particularly if you have a habit of buying lots of new hardcovers.
Many parents, determined not to be cruel or counterproductive, latch on to pre-approved language from books.
Some of the unpublished manuscripts will eventually be tapped for publication as e-books or in paper form.
Designing book covers for a day when books don't have covers.
There is clearly insight as well as information in these books.
Enhanced e-books are thought to be the next major threshold in the digital book universe.
The e-book marketplace is redefining what people expect to pay for books.
Horror, mystery and science-fiction books have spread their genetic code to a foreign habitat: the literature section.
He made crime fiction a genre of moral consolation in twenty-five award-winning books.
Two books uncover the romance and adventure of archaeology.
There isn't a particular model for this book, but there are many books that exhibit or fictionalize characteristics of a society.
Hence, he described an absence of engineering books and courses.
These books offer exactly that kind of infusion of comic energy.
The app is free, and the e-books seem to be cheaper than hardcovers.
Many books that had been lendable are no longer lendable.
Books don't have tools to help readers make up that fictive world, and so they do it more with their own minds.
And the biographies were no dry-as-dust treatises, but best-selling books chronicling the exciting life of a philological genius.
The printed books are professionally bound in hardcover or paperback, and they can be mailed to students.
The online giant hopes it's created the ipod of digital books.
The displays could be used in cell phones, billboards, and electronic books and magazines.
They were much more invested in games than in film, television or books, but they also were suspicious of their educational use.
Even worse, they all surrendered their address books upon joining.
He needs to crack open the physics and chemistry books.
So that they can leave something for the history books, specially if it actually gets done.
If they were books, virtual worlds would be fiction and mirror worlds would be nonfiction.
It also gives the fans something else to look forward to because the books ended so abruptly for people.
Her books have been translated into thirty-two languages.
It will not surprise you to learn that it is filled with books.
There are coffee-table books, children's picture-storybooks and a guide to hiking trails on conservation areas.
Remember to recycle your old phone books after the new phone books arrive at your home and/or business.

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