bookmarks in a sentence

Example sentences for bookmarks

The same applies to bookmarks: no need to change them.
Millions of bookmarks were added in the first day, imported by thousands of new paying customers.
My team's response to this reality is not to simply add another well-meaning blog or two to your already-overflowing bookmarks.
Additionally, you can choose whether these bookmarks appear as read or unread.
And foldout end flaps, printed with maps and quick reference information, serve as handy bookmarks.
Moments of unscripted behavior good and bad, but mostly bad capture our attention and become bookmarks of our times.
If you have this page on our list of favorites or bookmarks, please change your listing.
Please don't forget to change your browser's bookmarks or favorites links to cities you are interested in.
They are bookmarks and include a panoply of chair designs that would sit ever so nicely on any chair-fancier's favorite book page.
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