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While you are there, take a photo of your bookcase and post it.
It would take a mighty large bookcase to contain all of the works on pragmatism published over the last two decades.
There were books everywhere, not a wall without a bookcase.
He's hanging his diploma on a nail banged into the wall over his bookcase.
He would whip out a belt-mounted computer, unsling his rucksack, and scan the bookcase in one quick motion.
He stood with his arms folded and leaned easily against the bookcase in the library.
They got a bookcase, filled it with books and told me to sit there and read all the time with no other feedback.
The top of a bookcase would work, as would any high surface.
And my father, who used to build furniture, has built a bookcase in their dining room that is a sort of shrine to my fiction.
There was a bookcase and a worktable with piles of manuals, scraps from notebooks, and rolled-up fragments of yellow paper tape.
But she had given me a book that, nearly forty years later, still dwells on a bookcase in my childhood room.
The bookcase of the executive lounge had been filled with books the way you would stock a freshly dug pond with fish.
Dress him up, make him climb a bookcase, flush him down a toilet.
He had a formal office with the bookcase and the piano to officially greet visitors to the studio.
If there is a tree or a ladder or even a bookcase around, they will try to climb it and leap off.
The figure shows how to anchor a bookcase to a wall, but the same methods can be used for other pieces of furniture.
Children's books and toys are available and located on a bookcase in the visit room.
The bed is elevated and has a desk and bookcase underneath it.

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