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Example sentences for book club

Public libraries are usually an excellent source of information on local book clubs, and often host book club meetings themselves.
And it's on wheels so when the book club comes over you can whisk it away to the garage.
These kits were originally sold through a book club and were not available to the general public.
Then, she wrote down her experience and the stories of her students demonstrating how a book club can be an act of sedition.
The idea is born of the book club, a social activity in which the book is often nothing more than a beard for getting together.
Her book club has breathed new life into publishing.
Any book she chooses for her on-air book club becomes an instant best seller.
Or you could join a book club or learn a foreign language or spend time with your loved ones.
Cross-country bus trip subject of next history book club meeting.
For the book club, follow regular book club guidelines.
The group began when our founding members were turned away from a friend's book club and decided to start their own.
In our book club, the other guys have fun gently kidding me about my penchant for extra reading.
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