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Call a book charming in these benighted days and you risk burying it forever.
The culture of the book in American higher education is in crisis.
Nothing beats having your child curl up in your lap to read a favorite book.
He was a character in a book I read a long time ago and the name's always stuck.
It can take up to two years to get a book from drawing board to bookstore.
The lecture became a best-selling book with the same title.
Take an antique leather-bound book, open it up, and inhale deeply.
The book eventually sorts itself out and becomes a travel diary, .
The book tells the story of Jung trying to face down his own demons .
If you own a physical book, in much of the world you may sell it, lend it-even burn or bury it.
But picking an e-book reader is more difficult than choosing a brand of cereal or a bottle of shampoo.
Eventually, someone had to come along and invent a digital book better than the hardcover.
The only thing better than a good travel book is going there yourself.
They fill up quickly, so book two months in advance, especially for weekend stays.
Imagine an e-book that comes with its own music background and sound effects that play when you read over the appropriate words.
She hopes one audience for her book will be people who study gender clinically.
The bestselling writer is notorious for blurring the boundary between fact and fiction, and his latest book is no exception.
Almost anyone can bang out an atrocious book, but to achieve fame and adulation for it takes a certain kind of genius.
Had she been living today, she might have been any of the mystery or thriller writers who write a book a year.
If you're really interested in dinosaurs, you may have seen the book already.
Learning to read the genes is to read the book of life.
If you have flexible travel plans, you can book a cruise at the last minute.
Even on a popular sold-out cruise, you may find a cancellation allows you to book a spot close to the departure date.
For example, suppose you bought a book about cancer.
Even when the book only offers a limited preview, often it is enough to decide whether or not to get the book from my library.
The device can read a book aloud to a user, and is designed to make it easy to switch between reading and listening.
When you got enough of them together to reliably set a whole book or whatever, you had a serious amount of hardware on your hands.
The new generation of e-book readers will transform the print industry.
There are links in the book to customize form letters.
We hear about each book she reads and what she thinks of it.
The book is interesting and lucid as it examines the errors and exaggerations in the national self-image.
The e-book marketplace is redefining what people expect to pay for books.
The book was especially popular on college campuses.
Immersing myself in a book or a lengthy article used to be easy.
In our school's best tradition, he believed that book study wasn't enough without real-world experience.
One is it's a huge book so there's so much stuff in it.
The theme of the book is that humans are uniquely resourceful because they have several ways to do everything.
One morning, she finds a link to a review of a new book about miniature poodles in her in-box.
He wrote a book on how being a nerd can make your life better.
The book is saying that the best way to avoid being deceived by magic tricks is to learn to do the tricks yourself.
With such riches to choose from, you might think it would be a snap to put a bunch of blogs into a book and call it an anthology.
Nor can this odd neglect be entirely explained by the mechanics of the book trade.
In addition to the merits of many of its arguments his book has the virtues of the best utilitarian manner in moral philosophy.
Even if at the end of the book, you made a few small choices or changes in your diet, that could change your life.
It gives you a chance to read a new book and then tell your teacher and friends what you thought about it.

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